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    2011 Ford Super Duty power, towing specs released

    2011 Ford Super Duty – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Heavy duty truck lovers have been waiting for these figures for a while, so let's just cut to the main course. The 2011 Ford Super Duty can be had with two engines: the 6.2-liter gasoline-powered V8 found in the upgraded SVT ...

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    Customer cars could lead to F1 'Super Teams' in '08

    Teams aren't teams in Formula One, they're constructors. It's part of the definition that makes F1 what it is: each team builds their own cars. Engines can be obtained from a major manufacturer – though BMW, Renault, Honda and Toyota have joined Ferrari in doing it all in-house – but ...

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    Fiat 500: the derivatives are coming, including possible mini-ute

    Not a moment's rest for the people over at Fiat, who've been pursuing an aggressive rejuvenation program. The ink on the press releases for the new 500 isn't even dry, and already they're working on new versions of the retro super-mini. Launched as a standard three-door hatch, new versions could ...

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    Navistar slaps Ford with $2 billion lawsuit

    Ford has not been having much luck with the 6.4-liter diesel engines for its Super Duty trucks of late. In the latest twist of a saga that began in January, Navistar, the company that makes those engines, had added additional charges to its $2 billion counter-suit against Ford. Navistar has been ...

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    New York Preview: 2008 Buick LaCrosse Super rolled out

    click above image to view 20 high-res pics of the 2008 Buick LaCrosse SuperYes, yes, this is the only LaCrosse we enthusiasts care about, otherwise there wouldn't be much cause to mention this car's name in daily conversation. Buick has revived the "Super" moniker after a fifty-year absence on the ...

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    Ford developing new diesel engine, quickly

    After recent disagreements with engine supplier Navistar, as well as dealing with Super Dutys that perform roman candle impressions, Ford is accelerating development of a new diesel engine for its burliest of pickups. Ford and Navistar played chicken earlier this year over warranty costs for the ...

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    Lutz confirms V12 in development for Cadillac flagship

    Lutz unveiles the Cadillac Sixteen concept at NAIAS 2003 in Detroit It's official. It's been confirmed: Cadillac is preparing a new V12 flagship. That's straight from the mouth of our favorite man in the business, Bob Lutz. On a recent trip across the pond, GM's venerated product guru confirmed in ...

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    Buick reviving 'Super' name on LaCrosse and Lucerne

    After 50 years on the shelf, Buick is dusting off the 'Super' name for upcoming variants of the Lucerne and Lacrosse. Due to be unveiled in New York next week, the two vehicles will receive more power and an upgraded chassis, in addition to exclusive content and upgraded trim. A Buick spokesman ...

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    Blue Devil to be called Corvette SS

    We were excited to announce when Bob Lutz confirmed that GM was working on a higher-performance version of the Corvette. The announcement finally vindicated all those spy shots of a suped-up Corvette test mule, dubbed the "Blue Devil", that was caught undergoing developmental testing for so long. ...

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    Spy Shots: 2008 Buick LaCrosse Super

    We reported early last year that the Buick LaCrosse would likely be getting a Super Sport or Sport model boasting a 300-horsepower V8. The program is still ongoing and we found this most recent spy shot published on the Detroit News Insider (our intel, however, reveals this shot was taken in ...

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    Jaguar XKR-R in the works

    A couple of weeks ago, we brought you spy shots of a Jaguar XK test mule undergoing testing. Some sources suggested this was a facelift on the entire XK range, while others, recognizing the features of the supercharged XKR on the test mule, concluded this could be an even more suped-up version of ...


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