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super handling all wheel drive

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    Official: Honda previews trio of hybrid systems for different driving characteristics

    Looking to make up some much-needed ground to Toyota and Ford in the world of hybrid vehicles, Honda is introducing a new and more advanced gas-electric architecture called Honda Sport Hybrid. The system may arrive as a direct replacement to the aging Integrated Motor Assist series, and it's ...

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    Quick Spin: We try Honda's cutting-edge electric SH-AWD system

    How Honda Is Working To Get Its Groove Back For decades, Honda successfully cultivated a hard-earned reputation for technological innovation and thoughtful engineering, but the Japanese automaker has seemingly grown content to let other automakers lead the way with new technologies in recent ...

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    Officially Official: Acura releases Canada-only TL A-Spec

    2010 Acura TL A-Spec – Click above to enlarge
    Every once in a while, automakers will design special trim levels and packages specifically tailored for our friends to the north. The latest, from Acura, is the A-Spec package available on the 2010 TL sedan, which includes add-ons like 19-inch ...

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    LA 2007: Acura's Super Handling All-Wheel Drive on display

    Click the above picture for high-res image.All-wheel-drive systems are becoming an increasingly popular feature for large sedans. They allow for more exciting driving dynamics than pure front-wheel-drive, but also provide for increased fair weather traction over pure rear-wheel-drive. Acura ...

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    Torque Vectoring: The future of AWD

    The F-16 is inherently unstable and cannot fly without computerized nannies to keep it aloft. As AWD systems in cars get more complex and can do more things more quickly, one wonders if there will come a time when we'll be absolutely unable to drive without gizmos to make sure rubber stays on ...


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