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    Sultan of Brunei's exotic car collection up for sale?

    Cizeta V16 among the 25 Ferraris and more for sale – Click above for image gallery
    There are many prominent and wealthy collectors of exotic supercars on Earth, but few can rival the secretive collection of the royal house of Brunei. The collection has been the subject of much conjecture, ...

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    S73 T AMG: Pagani power in an S-Class wagon

    Close your eyes and imagine working at AMG, Mercedes' own in-house tuning division that should by now be familiar to everyone. Now go back a decade and imagine being in Affalterbach then. As part of the AMG team, you've had your share of kicks developing monster engines and shoehorning them into ...

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    Auction Action: Sultan of Brunei's stretch Range Rover on the block

    When you're a sultan, you can't just buy a car off the lot. You have to purchase one (preferably using gold bars as currency) and then have a custom coachbuilder turn it into a one-off fit for royalty. The Sultan of Brunei is the current owner of this stretched Range Rover, for instance, which has ...

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    Reskinning a Cat: Sultan of Brunei's Jaguar XJ220 Pininfarina

    The Sultan of Brunei is our kind of monarch, having spent considerable sums of money from his country's vast oil revenues on his extensive car collection. Stories are told of special cars made just for him by the likes of Ferrari and Mercedes-AMG. The extent of his personal garage has remained a ...


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