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AddRussia lays keels for new ballistic missile sub, two new attack subs

Russia's belligerence is quite evident on land. The country's military continues to mass along the Ukrainian border, and its efforts in Chechnya have left it battle hardened. Not to be forgotten, though, is the former Red Navy, which has just laid the keels for three new submarines.

AddFemale enlisted sailors to enter the Silent Service by 2016

The military's march towards gender equality could see a big improvement in the coming years as plans are unveiled to allow enlisted women to join female officers on the US Navy's Ohio-class missile boats and Virginia-class attack submarines.

32Elon Musk buys James Bond's Lotus submarine, wants to install Tesla powerplant

Remember when we reported the long-lost-but-found-again Lotus Esprit submarine used in the James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me had sold at auction in London for $966,560 (well, $863,000 plus a 12-percent buyer's premium)? At the time, the buyer's identity remained a mystery, but Jalopnik has reported and confirmed that the man with money to burn is none other than billionaire Elon Musk, CEO of both Tesla Motors and SpaceX. What's even more shocking (maybe not for Musk) is that he wants to insta

AddEGO makes your submarine dreams a reality [video]

Personal mobility had come a long way in the last few decades, but one area that's been – rather predictably – left out is underwater transport. South Korea's Raonhaje wants to change that with the introduction of the EGO submarine.

49VIDEO: We cringe as Acura NSX does its best surfacing submarine imitation

Acura NSX Submarine - Click above to watch the video after the jump

8Bond's The Spy Who Loved Me Lotus Esprit hits the auction block

Click above for a gallery of the Esprit S1 from The Spy Who Loved Me

29How about never refilling your tank for 25 years?

First I am going to pose a question, then, I am going to make a statement. Here goes: Is nuclear power good or bad? In this particular example, a new submarine for the British Royal Navy is powered by its very own nuclear reactor, and said nuclear reactor will power the machine for its entire expected 25-year lifespan. While the idea of never needing to refill a gas tank or recharge batteries sounds great, the question is whether nuclear power is a good option. Like I said earlier, this example

AddFinally! A commercially available plug-in electric! Submarine?

Isn't this what we have all been waiting for? A commercially available plug-in electric? This one in particular is capable of operation for 2.5 hours and can dive up to 150 feet. Wait a minute... dive? Yes, this is a submersible vessel, or a submarine. Huh. Pretty cool, and of course, it is alternative transportation!

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