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    Toyota set to unveil microcar in Frankfurt

    Automotive News has a quick blurb about a new model set to debut from the folks at Toyota during this year's Frankfurt Motor Show. According to AN, Toyota's 3000mm-long microcar will be known as the Endo and will slot in below the Aygo, the smallest vehicle in the automaker's European ...

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    Toyota to sell diesel hybrid by 2010 thanks to Isuzu

    AutoblogGreen has reason to be happy, having found evidence that Toyota's recent purchase of a 5.9% stake in Isuzu will bear fruit in 2010 when the Japanese juggernaut marries its Synergy hybrid drive system with a diesel engine. Presumably such a hook up was made possible, or at least hastened, by ...

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    Paris Motor Show: Suzuki Splash concept

    We couldn't figure out why John was sending us pictures of a toy car from the Paris Motor Show until he filled us in that this is actually the very cute, very small Suzuki Splash concept. The little jellybean in Lagoon Blue is what Suzuki dubs a "clinic model," or the first step towards a new ...

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    Chrysler continues to seek partner for B-car production, China still in the mix

    DaimlerChrysler has been looking for a partner to produce subcompact cars, like the Dodge Hornet concept the company unveiled in Geneva last year, and according to Chrysler Group CEO Tom LaSorda, a Chinese company may be the lucky recipient of the business. Speaking at an Automotive Press ...

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    New York Auto Show: 2007 Hyundai Elantra

    The new 2007 Hyundai Elantra is the seventh new product from Hyundai in the last two years. The all-new midsize (that’s a new EPA classification thanks to 112.1 cubic feet of interior volume) gets Hyundai’s now traditional battery of safety equipment including six airbags, ABS brakes ...

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    Mitsubishi tests i-Car in U.S.

    Is Mitsubishi Motors being a tease? American subcompact and microcar fans may soon go postal when they discover that the automaker has quietly brought over two of its i-Cars to the U.S. where they are running about in currently wet Los Angeles, California. "We will drive it to get customers' ...

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    More on the Honda Fit (including video)

    The Auto Channel has an extensive article on the Honda Fit, which recently went on sale in the U.S. It delves a little deeper into the five-door subcompact: a summary of its main features; in-depth discussions on the vehicle's exterior, engine and transmissions; an overview of the chassis; a look ...

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    Consumer Guide, Edmunds review Honda Fit

    Both Consumer Guide and Edmunds have published new reviews of the Honda Fit, which went on sale this weekend. The Consumer Guide report found the tested Sport's version to be comfortable for the vehicle's class. Steering was surprisingly agile, though there was some body lean. The 109 horsepower ...

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    Honda finalizes pricing for the Fit

    Packed with safety features like side curtain airbags and anti-lock brakes, the new Honda Fit will come out of the box at $13,850. Tacking on an automatic transmission brings the price up to $14,650, but with only 109 hp on tap we recommend you stick with the stick. A sporty version with cruise ...


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