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More details emerge about the SUV that the Viziv-7 Concept will spawn.

Think of Subaru's next three-row crossover as the anti-Tribeca.


This preview of a production SUV is basically the size of a Chevrolet Tahoe.

The Subaru Viziv-7 Concept isn't just big for a Japanese SUV, it's just plain big.


The Subaru Legacy, Outback, Impreza, and Forester are all affected.


The new model is only about $100 more than before.

Choosing all of the optional extras, though, raises the Impreza's price to roughly $30,000.


There's more to the Subaru-driving lesbian stereotype than you thought.

10 parts-bin specials we think automakers should build.

We've compiled a list of ten cars that could easily be made into factory hot rods with just a little effort from the automaker.


New special edition isn't very special, though.

The WRX S4 tS gets some extra oomph from Subaru Tecnica International (STI).


Buyers were not interested in paying $4,800 more for just 7 extra MPG.

Slightly better fuel figures weren't enough to draw customers in.


Subaru's slippery, wedge-shaped sports car of the 1980s, now fallen on hard times.

The predecessor to the Subaru SVX, the futuristic Subaru XT, was once a semi-commonplace sight on California roads. Now they're mostly gone. Here's a solid example in a Los Angeles wrecking yard.


Rack-equipped Subaru and Hyundai rentals will be able to carry skis, snowboards, surfboards, and bicycles.

These cars may have four doors, but they're still packing plenty of performance.

Nearly every car company offers a sedan with a real back seat that offers the kind of performance that used to be reserved for exotic two-seaters.


With Impreza production an a three-row crossover on the way, this is just the start.


Made back when Subaru was building craaaazy stuff.

The SVX was Subaru's weirdest, wildest-looking street car, making even the wedge-shaped Subaru XT seem stodgy.


A Golden, Colorado woman got a rude awakening when she discovered a black bear locked inside her car.


Yes, it has more power. No, that's not the whole story.


Narrated in-car video is the fastest lap ever around the Isle of Man in a car.

Watch Mark Higgins' in-car video as the driver sets a new record in a heavily-modified Subaru WRX STI around the Isle of Man.

Complete list of winners in every model segment announced.

Strategic Vision's Total Quality Impact awards go to vehicles based on survey responses while also focusing on the intangible aspects of vehicle ownership.


The car is almost as fast as the best motorcycle.


The modest but meaningful changes mirror those already announced for the Toyota 86.

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