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subaru rally team usa

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    Official: Travis Pastrana puts on blue and gold Subaru jacket again

    Travis Pastrana partnered with Subaru for eleven years, the relationship going especially well from 2006 to 2010 when Pastrana won four consecutive Rally America National Championships. They broke up in 2010 to give Pastrana space for his NASCAR fling and a couple of years in Global Rallycross ...

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    Video: David Higgins' record-breaking run up Mt. Washington

    For the first time in ten years, the Mt. Washington Auto Road played host to the Climb to the Clouds. Travis Pastrana had helped drum up interest by recording a time of 6:20.47 towards the end of 2010, which was quicker than the official record run of 6:41.99. That time was laid down by Frank ...

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    Subaru pegs David Higgins as new Rally Team USA driver [w/video]

    David Higgins joins Subaru Rally Team USA – Click above to watch video after the jump
    The speculation over exactly who will be taking Travis Pastrana's spot in the driver's seat with Subaru Rally Team USA can officially be put to rest. David Higgins will be the new man in blue and yellow. ...

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    Subaru, Travis Pastrana part ways [*UPDATE]

    Pastrana posing next to his new NASCAR
    It's official. Travis Pastrana has left his partnership with Subaru. The rally fiend joined up with the Pleiades in 2004 in supercross and freestyle motorcross before officially becoming part of Subaru Rally Team USA in 2006. Since then, Pastrana has raked ...

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    VIDEO: Time lapse build of Subaru rally car over 800 hours

    Click above to view video after the jump It's no secret that running a motorsports team is a lot of work, but probably most of us don't know how much time and effort it really takes. Just building the race cars can take hundreds of man hours, as evidenced by this stop-motion video created by the ...

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    More stars for Subaru: Travis Pastrana signed on for 3 years

    At the LA Auto Show yesterday, Subaru of America announced that Travis Pastrana has agreed to a 3-year contract to race for Subaru Rally Team USA. Travis was an X-Games star and the youngest ever champion in Rally America last year. They used the LA show to hand out that trophy and announce the ...


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