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subaru australia

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    Report: Subaru debuts tougher-looking Outback for Australia [w/poll]

    If you're going to name a car after a specific location or region, you'd better make sure it's taken seriously in the place it's named for. You're not likely to see a Chevrolet Monte Carlo in Monaco, and the Alfa Romeo Montreal was never even officially offered in North America, but the Subaru ...

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    Official: Subaru gives Aussies BRZ Sports Pack

    Well, it might not be exactly the Subaru BRZ STI that we've all been waiting for, but Australian market shoppers are now going to have the option of adding some STI flavor to their coupe, with this new BRZ S. Critically, the Sports Pack upgrades included in the S specification do not involve ...

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    Subaru introduces WRX Club Spec 10 for Australia

    Subaru WRX Club Spec 10-click above for high-res image gallery
    There are more iterations of the Subaru WRX than there are wallabies in the bush. At least it feels that way to Australians. As the name suggests, the WRX Club Spec 10 is the 10th special edition Rex that Subaru has seen fit to grace ...

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    Australia gets market-specific Subaru Liberty GT tuned by STI

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Liberty GT tuned by STISubaru's Australian outpost is set to deliver a localized special edition Liberty GT (Liberty = Legacy) that's been upgraded with a laundry list of components from the STI catalog. The Liberty GT tuned by STI makes 260 horsepower and ...

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    Subaru's Senior suggests STI Junior

    click above to view a high-res gallery of the Subaru Impreza STi Subaru has gained itself quite a cult following with performance Imprezas. Based on its victories in the World Rally Championship, the WRX and STi versions of the Impreza have been a big hit with the gonzo street-racer crowd. With ...


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