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There are some who get paid to soar above us mere mortals, professional jumpers. Basketball stars like Kobe Bryant, martial arts movie stars like Jackie Chan, even NFL players like Calvin Johnson who have made reputations with their vertical leap. Then there are crazy people, like "Al the jumper."


Longboarding at 56+ mph – Click above to watch video after the jump


Witness the Hoenshell Shutter – Click above to watch the video after the break


Motorcycle-powered merry-go-round – click above to watch the video after the jump


Travis Pastrana's New Year's Eve jump – Click above to watch video


Jonny Greaves jumps 301 feet -- Click above to watch video


A little over a year ago a stunt driver named Chris Morena took a Dodge pickup off a dealer lot, installed a roll cage, racing seat and metal bracing for the bed, then used it to jump over a slew of cars and through two fireballs. He was only trying to go 134 feet. Instead, he went 193 feet and set a jumping distance record in a pickup.


Stuntman Steve Truglia attempts what is believed to be the tallest loop-the-loop by a real car

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