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    Video: PopMech offers a video history of the automotive barrel roll

    Rob Dyrdek's "kick flip" stunt in a Chevrolet Sonic effectively sealed his place in the hallowed halls of stunt driver lore. As it turns out, actually pulling off a 360-degree barrel roll in a vehicle is one of the most challenging stunts one can perform. Driving on two wheels? Cakewalk. Knocking ...

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    Video: Stuntmen find more fun things to do with Chevy Sonic

    Turns out the Chevrolet stunt team isn't finished finding things to do with its Sonic. Not long after skater Rob Dyrdek "kick-flipped" (or barrel-rolled, whichever you prefer) a Sonic, one of the team that put that stunt together decided to take his Sonic 'skiing,' which means putting it on two ...

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    Video: How to kickflip your Chevy Sonic like a skateboard

    We can now safely say Rob Dyrdek is officially the first man on Earth to successfully kickflip a Chevrolet Sonic. The kickflip is, in effect, a barrel roll, wherein a skateboard performs a complete heels-to-Jesus 360. That's challenging enough when it's just your two legs standing between you and ...

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    Video: Jorian Ponomareff shows off insane motorcycle drifting skills

    Welcome to lessons in vehicle control with Jorian Ponomareff. The motorcycle stunt rider has made a name for himself as a guy who's capable of pulling off incredible feats of riding, including getting tail-happy with precise, controlled drifts. Ponomareff has released a new video of his talents ...

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    Video: How to use a motorcycle to close a pickup tailgate

    When we need to open or close a pickup truck tailgate, we usually just use our hands. Makes sense, right? Of course it does, but apparently there are some who feel that it's not a big enough challenge. Hit the jump to see how to close an F-150 tailgate using only a street bike and a little ...

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    Video: Crash & Burn pilot teaser is a stunt-comedy goldmine

    Lance Krall, Tony Hawk and Lee Majors. Three names with seemingly no connection, except for the fact that these men are working on a pilot related to the lives of folks in the stunt industry. We would've said the lives of stunt men, but there are clearly (very clearly) women in this industry as ...

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    Video: Watch the near-disaster Hot Wheels world record practice jump you've never seen

    If you were tuned in to the Indy 500 this year, you probably saw Tanner Foust, also known as the rather ambiguous Yellow Driver, set a new world record by flying 332 feet through the air from ramp-to-ramp in a custom-made pickup truck. This Hot Wheels-sponsored event was a pretty spectacular ...

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    Video: Stunt driver attempts to play dominoes with row of busses

    This may not come as a shock, but as kids, we desperately wanted to become a stunt driver. Maybe it was one too many McQueen movies or a few too many hours soaking up Knight Rider reruns, but we were always smitten with the no-consequences glory of a good fender-to-fender bust up. That's exactly ...

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    Video: Nitro Circus Live from Las Vegas boasts record-setting stunts and a marriage proposal

    Wanna see something really crazy? How about some double and triple flips, with riders and pilots mounted on all sorts of crazy contraptions? We've got some of the usual suspects, dirt bikes, wheelchairs, pink barbie cars... Yes, we said pink barbie cars. You know – the plastic kind that ...

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    Video: Crazy Russian commuter's parking job

    Crazy Russian parking job – Click above to watch the video after the jump
    Parking can be the toughest part of any commute, unless of course you've gone to the Ken Block School of Parallel Precision. Beyond the jump is a very short clip a Russian driver who didn't have time to turn around ...

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    Video: How not to judge your speed in a car jump attempt

    Planning on attempting a ramp jump in an automobile? We have a tip for you: Don't use a Dacia 1310. Why? Apparently it can build up too much speed, causing you and your co-driver to overshoot your landing area. Either that, or you need to reconsider your high school math skills... Check out ...

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    Video: Conan O'Brien turns stuntman, pilots explosive '69 Dodge Dart

    Conan O'Brien does his own stunts – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Conan O'Brien is getting ready to launch his new late-night talk show. "Conan" premieres November 8th at 11pm on TBS. He wants to show everyone just how bad-ass this new television show will be. Ditching his ...

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    Video: Geely Panda gets to stuntin'

    Geely Panda strutting its stuff – Click above to watch video after the jump
    We hate to say this, but until now, we didn't realize it was physically possible to do a stoppie in a subcompact car. We thought launching a vehicle onto its front rollers was generally left to the two-wheeled ...

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    VIDEO: Johnny Greaves jumps stadium truck over 300' to set world record

    Jonny Greaves jumps 301 feet -- Click above to watch video
    Only ten days ago Jonny Greaves jumped his closed-course race truck from one dirt ramp to another -- those ramps being separated by close to 300 feet. Greaves ended up going 301 feet, and set the record for the longest ever jump in a 2WD ...

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    Jonny Greaves jumps 301 feet to claim 2WD truck record

    A little over a year ago a stunt driver named Chris Morena took a Dodge pickup off a dealer lot, installed a roll cage, racing seat and metal bracing for the bed, then used it to jump over a slew of cars and through two fireballs. He was only trying to go 134 feet. Instead, he went 193 feet and ...

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    Travis Pastrana reportedly plans to jump from bridge to barge on New Year's Eve

    In the same way that just about anything under Sir Richard Branson's "Virgin" umbrella has come to mean hip and edgy, things affixed with the "Red Bull" stamp are coming to mean "That's frickin' crazy!" Last year for New Year's Eve Robbie Maddison took his motorbike and leaped on to the 96-foot ...

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    Fifth Gear attempts world's biggest loop-the-loop

    Stuntman Steve Truglia attempts what is believed to be the tallest loop-the-loop by a real car
    We've heard that 'Ring times have become the de facto benchmark for performance cars of late, but this is ridiculous. Not so much a ring as a loop, stuntman Steve Truglia just attempted to drive a Toyota ...

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    Speed saves? Saleen Mustang stunt driver evades gunman

    On his way home one night, Chris Wilks was driving his black 1999 Saleen Mustang in Dallas when a mysterious Chevy Avalanche drove up beside him as though the driver wanted to say something. Used to the attention his 425h-p muscle car attracted, Wilks thought nothing of it and kept on driving. Up ...

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    How'd they do that? Driving tricks from the Bourne Ultimatum

    Doesn't it always look so convincing? Star lead actor is frantically sawing at the wheel, and when it cuts back to the wide, damn if that wasn't a perfectly clipped apex, with a tinge of four wheel drift counteracted by just the right amount of opposite lock. Even Steve McQueen couldn't pull it off ...

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    Top Gear in trouble over salt flat stunt

    Top Gear has earned the ire of environmentalists yet again, this time for driving cars over the Makgadikgadi salt plains in Botswana. All three presenters of the British car show drove across the plains while filming a segment, leaving trails that could remain there for decades. Usually, you are ...


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