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stunt riding

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    Video: Watch Robbie Maddison practice two-wheel hoonage in an aircraft graveyard

    The worlds of motocross and rallycross are already quite intertwined, so DC Shoes has apparently decided to go a little further by putting together a Gymkhana-style event for dirtbikes. For this video, Australian stunt motorcycle rider Robbie Maddison is let loose inside of an airplane graveyard ...

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    Video: Jorian Ponomareff shows off insane motorcycle drifting skills

    Welcome to lessons in vehicle control with Jorian Ponomareff. The motorcycle stunt rider has made a name for himself as a guy who's capable of pulling off incredible feats of riding, including getting tail-happy with precise, controlled drifts. Ponomareff has released a new video of his talents ...

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    Video: A wheelie how-to with Chris Pfeiffer

    Heads up, moto mavens; king of the BMW hoons Chris Pfeiffer has worked up a quick video to teach the world how to execute a proper wheelie. If anyone should know about taking the front tire off of the ground, it's Pfeiffer, who currently spends his days inflicting world-class abuse on BMW's best ...

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    Video: Shin Kinoshita's mind-warping bike control

    Shin Kinoshita doing what he does best – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Whether it's wrestling a 3,000 lb NASCAR bruiser around a tri-oval for hours on end, sliding a rear-wheel drive Scion tC up Mulholland Drive or coaxing a GT350 around Laguna Seca with a flock of similarly ...


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