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    J.D. Power says global battery demand may be overhyped

    As per usual whenever there's great change afoot, finding the shelter of reality among competing storms of He Said/She Said isn't easy – it will probably take us another ten years to find out what's really true right now. J.D. Power and Associates has added more data to the mix with its ...

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    Nissan puts out the most: carbons, that is

    From 1990 to 2005, Nissan's carbon emission levels have grown more than any of the other top six automakers selling cars in the US -- and not by a little. The company's 2005 fleet is responsible for 9.2% more carbon output over its lifetime than the 1990 fleet, according to a study by Environmental ...

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    NHTSA: Back-up cameras are expensive and unreliable

    Congress asked the NHTSA to put together a report on electronic measures available in vehicles to help prevent fatalities from people being backed over. The NHTSA doesn't have exact stats on how many people are killed in these kinds of accidents because they mostly happen on private property. ...

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    New car buyers: diesels, yes, hybrids, hmm...

    TThe J.D. Power and Associates Alternative Powertrain Study has found that hybrid consideration among new car buyers is slipping, albeit only slightly. At the same time, the willingness to consider a clean diesel is growing. Overall, 7% fewer buyers are adding a hybrid to their list of potentials, ...


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