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    Ferrari crowns winners in World Design Contest

    The models have been made. The designs have been scrutinized. The talents have been exhibited, the ballots have been cast, and the prizes have been awarded for the 2011 Ferrari World Design Contest. The competition attracted entries from 50 design schools and universities around the world, all ...

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    Report: MI towing co. files $750k lawsuit against student over Facebook page [w/video]

    T&J Towing suing Michigan student for $750,000 – Click above to watch the video
    Where does reporting the facts end and libel begin? That's what a court in Michigan will probably be deciding when it takes on the case of T&J Towing vs. Justin Kurtz. According to, Back in ...

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    RCA design students collaborate with Bentley on the Flying B of the future

    Royal College of Art design students work with Bentley – Click above or below for high-res image gallery
    Seems like everybody and their cousin wants to design cars. But even with the right training, it can still be tough for an aspiring auto stylist to break into the field. Bentley, ...

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    Coco's Ride: What if Chanel designed automobiles?

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Chanel Fiole concept car
    Jinyoung Jo is a car designer at Hong-ik University in South Korea, and this is her creation: the Chanel Fiole concept. As with classic Coco Chanel work, the design of the car was centered on simplicity of lines and "the best of ...

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    What to do with those empties - Mustang made from beer cans

    We'll avoid the trite jokes about Jack Kirby's Mustang sculpture being a "nice car, bud." Ouch. There, it slipped out anyway. Now we can just move on. Rather than just stack up the red, white, and blue swill cans to the ceiling, as would most college students, the art and design scholar built a car ...

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    Porsche opens the door to 100 apprentices

    Were I still in high school, I'd be saving up for plane tickets to Zuffenhausen. In a lot of ways, apprenticeships pwn the hell out of college degrees. Instead of spending a lot of time reading about how things are done, you jump right in and get to stand at the elbow of a master and see the how ...

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    GM seeks next great car designer in Detroit high schools

    In March General Motors partnered with the College for Creative Studies and began visiting 15 Detroit area public high schools to seek out and encourage the next generation of car designers coming up the ranks. Seasoned car designers from GM's Design Center and students from CSS provided ...


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