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    Report: UAW "leans toward" striking Ford if deal isn't reached

    The United Auto Workers are currently negotiating new labor contracts with The Detroit Three. Due to bankruptcy restrictions, UAW members working at General Motors and Chrysler and can't go on strike. Ford, on the other hand, didn't get a no-strike clause since it didn't go through the bankruptcy ...

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    Report: Despite positive negotations with Ford, UAW will vote on strike authorization

    Ford and the United Auto Workers are apparently getting along so well in current contract negotiations that the union reportedly contemplated skipping a scheduled vote for strike authorization altogether. As you may have guessed, that authorization is required before the UAW can order its members ...

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    Report: Kia avoids costly strike in Korea

    Kia has navigated around a potential strike by organized labor in Korea. According to Automotive News, the manufacturer joined GM Korea and Ssangyong Motor Company in reaching agreements with the companies' workers for better pay, pending a "yea" vote by employees. Kia workers successfully ...

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    Report: Police break up Hyundai supplier protest, arrest 500

    Labor strife can wreak havoc on manufacturing, even when the workers on strike are miles away from the facility. Hyundai knows this all too well, as Automotive News reports that workers at supplier Yoosung Enterprise Co. occupied the production lines at a Hyundai assembly plant after failing to ...

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    Report: UAW to hold sympathy strike for Hyundai workers in Korea

    The UAW has announced its support for Hyundai workers in South Korea who have been on strike since November 15. The employees are all temporary and contract workers who receive lower pay and fewer benefits compared to their full-time counterparts, and their strike has managed to shut down a ...

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    Report: Supplier strike may lead to shutdown of Chrysler's minivan line

    2011 Chrysler Town & Country – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Integram Seating is a parts supplier for Chrysler. The factory workers there produce seats, which are then sent to the Pentastar's Windsor Assembly plant to be installed in the brand's Town & Country and Dodge ...

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    Report: India goes on general strike to combat high fuel prices

    Governments the world over are doing their best to stave off budget shortfalls, and India has taken to upping the cost of fuel to cover its overhead. Turns out the common man isn't much for those kinds of shenanigans. According to the BBC News, after fuel prices shot skyward, opposition to the ...

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    Toyota reportedly suffers second Chinese plant shutdown due to strike

    Honda had its turn to deal with striking workers in China, now it's Toyota that's feeling the wage demands of Chinese laborers. Tianjin Toyoda Gosei is the joint venture that runs a number of Toyota parts factories in China, and all three of its assembly lines have been stopped due to walkouts. ...

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    Followup: Honda reportedly comes to terms with Chinese strikers

    The strike that shut down four Honda plants in China has been resolved after workers at a parts production factory accepted a wage hike proposed by the company. Some 1,850 workers at Honda Auto Parts Manufacturing, Co. left the building in attempt to win a pay raise of 1,500 yuan ($219 U.S.) per ...

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    REPORT: French workers vote against blowing up plant as long as their demands are met

    Workers at French car parts maker New Fabris (its main clients include Renault and Peugeot-Citroen) have voted down immediate plans to explosively send the roof of their plant into the troposphere, as long as talks with aides to Industry Minister Christian Estrosi are in the works. It seems that ...

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    REPORT: Pipe and firebomb-wielding strikers injure 70 at Ssangyong plant; 4,000 flee

    After slipping into receivership this past January, Ssangyong Motor Company's problems have only escalated. A court-ordered restructuring of the Korean automaker earlier this year left 976 employees without work. The displaced workers organized an armed sit-in on the Korean automaker on May 21 that ...

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    REPORT: Largest American Axle plant to idle as work shifts to Mexico

    Blaming the current economic conditions and still wounded from a near-fatal labor strike, Detroit-based auto supplier American Axle & Manufacturing Inc. will reportedly lay off at least 500 workers at its largest plant and send the remaining jobs south of the border to Mexico. This time last ...

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    Strike against No. 2 car hauler puts it out of business

    The strike last week by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) against Performance Transportation Services (PTS) was the straw that broke the camel's back. The second largest car hauler in the United States was unable to survive the wage-related dispute, especially after filing for ...

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    CAW ends blockade of GM Canada headquarters

    The Canadian Auto Workers union and General Motors have been less than friendly with one another since the automaker announced it would be closing its Oshawa Truck plant, and the union promises to "fight on" despite ending a 13-day protest/blockade that prevented some 900 GM employees from going ...

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    Teamsters strike against nation's No. 2 car hauler over wages

    Performance Transportation Services (PTS), the second largest car hauler in the United States, is being hit by a strike from the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. The walkout began this morning after a bankruptcy court granted PTS permission for a 15-percent emergency pay cut to the ...

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    American Axle proposes cuts and buyouts to end 11-week strike

    When the UAW went on strike against American Axle & Manufacturing in late February, analysts expected a settlement within days. The supplier of axles, driveshafts, and other related components to General Motors and other automakers had a stockpile of inventory on hand, and few expected the ...

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    GM offers up to $200 million to end American Axle strike

    General Motors has been hit so hard by the ongoing American Axle strikes that it's stopped production of the GMC Yukon, Denali, Sierra heavy-duty regular and extended cab, its commercial-duty pickup and variants of Chevrolet trucks and Tahoes. All the while, the General is still negotiating with ...

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    UAW strikes GM Malibu plant

    Local UAW contract negotiations aren't going well for General Motors, and today they took a turn for the worst as union members at the automaker's Fairfax assembly plant in Kansas walked off the job at 10AM EST. The bulk of GM's hot-selling Chevy Malibu are produced at the Fairfax plant, with a ...

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    UAW strike halts GM's CUV production

    This morning, UAW workers at General Motor's Lansing Delta Township plant in Michigan have began a work stoppage, halting production of the Saturn Outlook, Buick Enclave and GMC Acadia. Both GM and the UAW are remaining mum on why the strike began, but it's likely due to an unsigned contract that ...

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    American Axle Strike: Two GM factories up, one GM factory down

    The American Axle strike, now in its second month, is causing General Motors more than a few headaches. The parts shortage caused the General to nearly cease production of its highly profitable large trucks and SUVs, and shut down production in Oshawa, Ontario and Fort Wayne, Indiana. As of this ...


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