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AddThis zippered VW Bus is getting a Tesla Model S drivetrain [w/video]

Do-it-yourselfers who made a habit of converting traditional vehicles into plug-in electrics may not have been driven entirely away by factory-made EVs. In fact, one of them will be fusing an old, stretched Volkswagen Vanagon with a new Tesla Model S powertrain, and making the world's coolest Kombi is not as impossible a task as it might sound.

10Nissan Leaf stretch limo makes an on-camera appearance

This limo ride will sure be a quiet one. And probably a short one, too.

33BMW to produce, sell long-wheelbase 335Li in China

In China, it's common for managers in various levels of the corporate hierarchy to have personal drivers, hence the proliferation of long-wheelbase sedan variants that we don't see in North America. Audi sells the A4L and A6L there, and now BMW is following up the 535Li it currently offers in China with a elongated version of the new 3 Series sedan.

43British limo company eager to show its chops with stretched Audi R8 [w/video]

Some vehicles are made to be stretched. Others, less so. A Lincoln Town Car, for example, is a good platform for a limo. A Mercedes-Benz S-Class, sure. A Rolls-Royce Phantom. We could even see the attraction behind a Cadillac Escalade limo, if we had to. But not an exotic supercar.

37How much is that stretched Lancia Delta HF Integrale in the window? $136k, that's how much

1991 Lancia Delta HF Integrale stretched limousine – Click above for image gallery

22Maserati Loves Company: Quattroporte stretched limousine

Maserati Quattroporte limousine – Click above for an image gallery

13Truckticular implants: The Stretch Truck

Is a 20-foot long, four-door longbed pickup still too small for your needs? Whether it's ego or an overabundance of backsides to seat, size definitely matters to Stretch Truck. The Denver based customizer will add extra length to your hauler (they've got a thing for Fords, it seems) with a seamless factory look. It's easy to take potshots about how these trucks are the panacea for insecurity, but they fill a niche that's too narrow for the automakers to fill themselves. One of their six-door Exc

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