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    Flash Mob: Police reportedly bust illegal night race on Hockenheim circuit

    We don't condone illegal behavior here at Autoblog. Heaven forbid. But if you are going to break the law, this strikes us as a good way to go about it. Reports out of Germany indicate that a group of some 100 people in 43 cars descended upon the Hockenheimring (host of the German Grand Prix) in ...

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    Beat the Heat: Florida police battling street racing by... racing?!

    Police officers around the country routinely put their lives on the line in an effort to keep our streets safe. Officers in South Florida have come up with a way to make city streets a safer place and have a bit of fun at the same time; by drag racing at the track. A bad street racing problem that ...

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    Ontario police officer charged with street racing in unmarked police car

    It has been said that when you are the law, it is that much easier to overstep it. An Ontario Provincial Police officer was apparently overcome by the temptation to flout regulations. Driving an unmarked cruiser, Detective Constable Heidi Fischer went clipping along at 100 miles-per-hour on Highway ...

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    Forum Thread of the Day: "Ticket for going too slow"

    If you're looking for a good, amusing read, head directly to where hilarity has unfolded at the expense of one particularly dumb street racer and "Honda Enthusicit" who used the website's "Ask an Officer" section to inquire about how to fight a ticket for going too slow. ...

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    VIDEO: Porsche GT3 Cup Car vs. Cayman GTR... on 11th Ave.

    Click above to view videoLast week at the New York Auto Show we had trouble getting a cab in front of Javitz Center, but somehow the cats at Garage 419 were able to shut down 11th Ave. long enough to race a couple muscled-up Porsches. Pitted in a street racing battle are a Farnbacher Loles GT3 cup ...

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    Ontario threatens to crush street racing cars before they hit the street

    Yesterday we learned that California has begun the practice of crushing modified cars obtained while being used for the illegal and dangerous activity of street racing. The hope is that seeing their expensive toys flattened by a compress will deter street racers from endangering the lives of others ...

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    Paul Walker weeps: California turns to crushing street racers

    The state of California has taken a hard line against illegal street racing, the type of which has on occasion led to the death of innocent pedestrians and the racers themselves. They're employing a new deterrent to make these illegal racers think twice about competing on public roads – ...

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    PGA Pro goes street racing, ends with fatality

    There isn't always a lot of overlap between the world of golf and our own automotive realm. Tiger gets some folks interested in Buicks and there are the occasional holes-in-one that result in a set of keys for the lucky ball striker, but other than that, we don't usually cross paths very much. ...

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    VIDEO: Ferrari F1 cars take to the streets in Shell commercial

    This video brings the term "street racing" to a whole new level. We had told you about this commercial while it was being filmed in the beginning of February, but now we have the final product to share. In what was reported to be the most expensive television commercial ever created, Shell filmed a ...

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    Country's first public test drive track opens in Illinois

    OK, maybe there is a good reason to move back to the Illinois. On October 4, the wonderfully insightful city of Naperville opened the gates to the country's first public-private automobile test track. The Test Track, built by the City of Naperville at a cost of $1.5 million, is to be used by 12 ...

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    Ford Bold Moves hits the virtual realm with video game

    Ford's Bold Moves campaign just got a little bolder with the introduction of Ford Bold Moves Street Racing, a video game developed in cooperation with Eidos Interactive. Scheduled to hit a North American PlayStation 2, XBOX or PC near you this fall, the game comes packing 18 Ford vehicles and the ...

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    Drag Tag - virtual drag racing with your own car

    Drag Tag is an indoor facility in Australia where you can virtually drag race your own car using a patented dyno, hold-down, steering and visualization simulator. Design, developed and operated in Australia, Drag Tag uses its own specially-designed hold-down system to keep your car strapped on the ...

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    Fast and the Furious-themed attraction hits Universal Studios Hollywood

    The best stunt drivers -- robots -- take on suped-up Volkswagens for The Fast and the Furious: Extreme Closeup, the newest addition to Universal Studios Hollywood's "Studio Tour" ride. The chase sequence is something right out of the most recent movie, "The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift," and ...

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    Canadian tragedy sparks calls to ban aftermarket parts

    A tragedy on Toronto streets that claimed the lives of a pair of enthusiasts has once again set alight political fires alight by those looking to ban performance modifications to automobiles. Whether the deaths are attributable to street racing remains up for debate, but the event has triggered ...

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    Street-racing being driven from misdemeanor to felony

    John Benoit, Palm Desert representative to the California State Assembly, is reintroducing an amended version of AB 2190 this year. The bill addresses illegal street-racing and would increase penalties for street-racers, including a four to ten year prison sentence if someone is killed by the ...


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