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    Did driving the speed limit cost a 79-year-old man his life?

    On June 15, 2009, 79-year-old Andrew Cavanaugh was t-boned on the passenger side of his 2004 Buick Century while driving through an intersection and subsequently died from injuries he sustained in the collision. Both Cavanaugh and the driver of the 2003 Toyota Camry that struck him, 71-year-old ...

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    Hourglass traffic light concept is street racing's best friend

    Designer Thanva Tivawong has come up with a solution for all you impatient drivers out there. What if you knew exactly when a stoplight was going to change from green to yellow, or more importantly, from red to green? In theory, traffic would be expedited and drivers would be less likely to try ...

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    Traffic light as redesigned for the color blind

    The Uni-Signal traffic light – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The Uni-Signal is aimed at helping those who are red-green colorblind to have an easier time with traffic signals. Instead of using circles for all three lights, the red light gets a triangle, the yellow light remains ...

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    Ready, Set, Go! Clever stoplight concept counts down to green

    Eko stop light - Click above for image gallery
    We've got the stoplights in our neighborhood timed pretty well, but it's pretty painful when you're at a foreign intersection and have absolutely no idea when the light will turn green. We shift our vehicle into Neutral and give our left foot a ...

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    Audi traffic light detection system gets the green-light

    Audi's stoplight detection system, called Travolution, has been given the go-ahead for expansion in the company's hometown of Ingostadt, Germany. Travolution establishes a connection between a red light and a vehicle, so that as a specially equipped car moves toward a red light at an intersection, ...


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