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    Marlboro's Stars on Ice: Stoner beats Massa in winter kart race

    Click on the image above to see the ice kart race in high-resolution
    What happens when you coop up a bunch of racers at a snow-capped ski resort for a few days? Well you can bet they'll be racing each other down the slopes. It's just in their blood. But snow or no snow, eventually they're going to ...

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    Stonermobile: Alfa Romeo 147 Ducati

    If you're expecting an Italian take on a VW bus, you're thinking of the wrong kind of stoner, hippie. That's Stoner with a capital S, as in Casey Stoner, Ducati's star rider who's riding this year to the MotoGP title. To commemorate the victory, Alfa Romeo teamed up with Ducati Corse to produce ...

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    Fast-forward auto art with spray can caps

    OK, we acknowlege that this is a shamelessly obvious ploy for some free airtime, but we couldn't resist. Auto detail product manufacturer Stoner put together this accelerated video to show how much fun you can have with their products. Well, with the caps from their aerosol cans at least. Using ...


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