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    Lesson of the day: Don't hide your spare keys in your car

    This one may seem like a no-brainer, but it's probably not a good idea to hide the spare keys for your first and second car inside your... uh, car. Perhaps you can already tell where we're going with this... for the sake of the story, though, we'll continue. What might happen if your car were ...

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    Catalytic Converters: Thieves target the pod of precious metal

    Bulging in the exhaust system like a rabbit deep in the belly of a boa, the catalytic converter cleans engine fumes before they are released into the air. To the inexperienced, the oversized metal cylinder looks rather uninteresting. To a thief, it is a pod of precious metal worth nearly $200 on ...

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    Whoops, eh? - Canadian Ford ad spurs backlash

    The Catch-22 with advertising these days is that someone will undoubtedly be offended if your campaign is clever enough to be memorable. Ford of Canada came up with such an effort for the Escape, showing the CUV wearing a bumper sticker with the phrase "drive it like you stole it," and the tagline ...

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    eBay Find of the Day: Jeep Grand Cherokee Commando Edition

    Here's a familiar morning routine now that the weather's turning colder: start car, set heat on high, retreat inside to finish coffee. There's plenty of debate for and against the practice of warming up by idling, but the unfortunate story of this ZJ could bolster the argument for just getting in ...

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    LoJack Europe foils Lamborghini Gallardo thieves

    LoJack's international recovery network makes it increasingly difficult to escape its satellite eyes. Here's the best example yet. Two Albanian thieves broke into the Italian vacation of home of a Frenchman and knocked him out with sleeping gas. They then stole his French-registered Gallardo. When ...

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    Third-row seats new target for thieves

    SUV owners love the flexibility that their removable or stowable third-row seats afford them, and thieves have taken note. A growing number of third-row seats are being stolen and sold at swap meets, and the removable seats on the Chevy Tahoe are one of the main targets. Chevy designers made the ...

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    Bristol break-in stops the presses

    Bristol, a little known British builder of expensive luxury and sports cars, opened up its shop this past Monday in Patchway, England to find a rude surprise. Thieves had broken into the factory over the weekend and, instead of stealing cars, ripped off the company's presses that stamp out body ...

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    Stolen T-Bird recovered after three decades

    In 1976, the Palo Alto, California owner of a 1956 Ford Thunderbird had his car stolen from him. In an unwitting stroke of fortune, he still lives not far from where his baby was taken. This week, he got a call -- thirty-one years later -- that his 51-year-old car has been found in Southern ...

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    Out of sorts: Race team's transporter stolen, 2 cars missing

    Sorted Performance had its Speed World Challenge racing season come to an abrupt halt earlier this week when its transporter consisting of a 2005 Dodge Ram 3500 4x4 dually and 48-foot Gooseneck Haulmark Edge triple axle trailer were stolen from a Hampton Inn parking lot in Livonia, MI. Team ...

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    Love Hertz: Shelby GT-H rental stolen, man arrested

    As devout members of Our Lady of Blowers and Burnouts, most of us can sympathize with someone that rents the Shelby GT-H and then has to return the 'Stang to their local Hertz office. It must be a tough pill to swallow, but at the end of the day, what's the alternative?For one weary soul in ...

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    Beckham's stolen Bimmer turns up as personal ride of Macedonian official

    You may recall last year we posted on David Beckham's intimate experiences with grand theft auto. His armour-plated BMW X5 was boosted from a shopping mall parking garage in Madrid, Spain despite the high-tech anti-theft security system onboard that the criminals may have used a laptop PC to ...

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    All your license plates are belong to us: System developed that scans plates on the fly

    Bad guys beware, there is new technology that will hunt you down and have you singing the jailhouse blues faster than ever before. Harnessing the power of computers, the ALPR (Automatic License Plate Recognition System) allows police to be far more efficient, by no longer relying on just their ...

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    Mazda3 may be vulnerable to break-ins

    var digg_url = ''; We debated on posting this because we always seem to get nailed in the comments for advertising a new way to break the law, but we feel it's important information for Mazda3 ...

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    Beach beauties in Moscow lead to boosted cars

    The last thing you expect when exiting your vehicle to witness a group of women stripping down and washing each other on the beach is for someone to jack your car, but that's exactly what dozens of Russian motorists encountered recently in Moscow thanks to a creative group of car thieves. The heist ...

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    Top ten most stolen vehicles show that small isn't safe

    According to CCC Information Services Inc., an organization that monitors stolen and damaged vehicles, small cars are among the most targeted vehicles for theft. Apparently compacts are easy to steal, dismantle and then sell, mainly due to their popularity among import enthusiasts. The 1995-2001 ...


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