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    Report: NASCAR Sprint Cup season ends in nail-biting climax at Homestead [spoilers]

    Ties don't typically happen in racing. Other sports, sure, but not motorsports. Because while the issue can sometimes come down to a fraction of a second, someone always crosses the finish line first. And when it comes to championship points, someone always comes out ahead. Well, almost ...

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    Lewis Hamilton and Tony Stewart gear up to swap cars at The Glen

    It's been several decades since Formula 1 has visited Watkins Glen, but the high-pitched scream of a modern grand prix racer is set to return there this summer for a special demonstration. As we initially reported back in February, Lewis Hamilton and Tony Stewart will be swapping keys for the ...

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    Your late-night TV preference says a lot about your taste in autos

    These days, there are some serious battle lines drawn around which late-night host you prefer. With the embattled Conan O'Brien taking to the airwaves for the first time since being ousted from NBC, we can all but guarantee another outpouring of down-with-Leno sentiment. But who are the rank and ...

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    RIP: James Robert Stewart, 1931-2008

    We're saddened to report the passing of James Robert Stewart, former racing driver, eldest member of the Stewart racing family and older brother to triple world champion Sir Jackie Stewart. Although his own racing career was rather unremarkable, he would later act as the inspiration for his ...

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    VIDEO: Clash of the Titans - Stewart interviews Senna

    Formula One drivers get interviewed all the time, so their media skills have to be as honed as their driving aptitude. But it's not often you see one of the greatest, most legendary drivers of all time being interviewed by another one of the greatest, most legendary drivers of all time. The few ...


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