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    Monterey 2010: Pebble gathers a dozen Jaguar XK-SS roadsters for Jag's 75th

    Jaguar XK-SS Gathering at Pebble Beach - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Okay, full disclosure – We have to tell you that we have a conflict of interest on this one. The Jaguar XK-SS is one of this author's top ten sports car designs of all time. This partially-civilized, ...

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    Happy 80th Birthday, Steve McQueen

    Steve "King of Cool" McQueen – Click above for a high-res image gallery
    Odds are, your nickname is not "The King of Cool." Of course, odds are that you never ran away from the farm to join the circus, worked as a towel boy in a brothel, jumped ship from the merchant marines in the Dominican ...

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    Triumph and TAG Heuer honor Steve McQueen with special Bonneville

    Triumph Bonneville Heuer - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Triumph and TAG Heuer have joined forces to create a one-of-a-kind Bonneville Heuer motorcycle. Inspired by Steve McQueen and the Porsche 917 K that the famous actor, racer and motorcycle rider piloted in the classic film Le Mans, ...

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    VIDEO: 'Making Of' Bullitt short is period awesomeness

    Making of Bullitt - Click image above to watch the video
    When megastar Steve McQueen and director Peter Yates set out to make Bullitt, the object was to make a "real" film with one of the most ambitious chase scenes in the history of cinema. And they did it before computers and CGI enabled ...

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    VIDEO: TAG Heuer names a winner in McQueen vs. Hamilton Duel

    Click above to watch the video after the jump
    It's the stuff that dreams are made of. Gearhead dreams, anyway: Who would be the fastest between a racing icon of yesteryear and a champion of today? That's the question which Swiss watchmaker and longtime F1 sponsor TAG Heuer posed with its latest ...

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    Brad Pitt to play Steve McQueen in new biopic?

    It's been almost two years since the rumors first arose and were subsequently put to rest, but they're back again. Following earlier reports that Brad Pitt was set to reprise the legendary Steve McQueen's role in the timeless classic film Bullitt, new reports have now emerged saying that Pitt has ...

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    VIDEO: TAG Heuer pits Lewis Hamilton against Steve McQueen

    Click above to jump to the video
    Pass by the local schoolyard and you're likely to hear a couple of kids arguing over which superhero would win in a fight, but continue down the street to the corner pub and the debate won't sound much different: Could __XX__ modern athlete beat ___XX___ legend. ...

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    Steve McQueen's stolen Cadillac recovered

    A busted car theft ring has turned up a vintage Cadillac once owned by one of the Magnificent Seven. The five-finger-discount drivers out of Colorado, headed by Jeffrey Earle Piper, would steal expensive rental cars, change their VIN numbers and "sell" them. The new "owner", who was in on the whole ...

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    McQueen family authorizes Bullitt replicas

    I recently had the opportunity to spend some time driving Ford's modern day interpretation of the Mustang Bullitt and came away wanting one in the worst way. It's true that the late model Mustang has issues, but no other car is able to channel that much soul, charisma and character through its ...

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    Steve McQueen's famous T-shirt revived by Triumph

    Triumph makes some of the most beautiful creations on two wheels, and they're latest release is... a t-shirt. But not just any t-shirt, this is the tee made famous by Steve McQueen, the dearly missed embodiment of the rough-and-tumble classic racing, and could be the perfect thing to wear under ...

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    Flashback: Steve McQueen reviews eight rides in 1966 Sports Illustrated

    For a bit of year-end nostalgia, it would be hard to beat reading Steve McQueen reviewing eight grand tourers in the August, 1966 issue of Sports Illustrated. The cars that get the nod from the man behind Bullitt and Le Mans are the Jaguar E-type 2+2, Aston-Martin DB6, Ferrari 275 GTS, Alfa Romeo ...

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    Lights, Camera, Action! Ford's official Mustang Bullitt video

    On the Mustang front, the past seven days have been the week of the Bullitt. The media rush is in stark contrast to the Bullitt's understated demeanor, but with its 315 HP engine and track-tuned suspension, Steve McQueen's chase machine reincarnated deserves it. Yesterday we showed you Popular ...

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    VIDEO: Mustang Bullitt melting tires courtesy of Popular Mechanics

    The original Bullitt Mustang was one of the original sleepers, as all flash and flare were stripped in favor of a clean slate that could fly through the streets of San Francisco with the greatest of ease. The 2008 Bullitt has shed all the frivolities of the Shelby models, or even a stock GT, for ...

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    LA 2007 Preview: It's a green Mustang! The Bullitt is back!

    click above image for high-res gallery of the 2008 Mustang Bullitt var digg_url = ''; The latest edition of everyone's favorite green Mustang is back and this one won't be featured on AutoblogGreen. Just in time for the ...

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    At $2.3 mil, Steve McQueen Ferrari doubles auction estimate

    That gorgeous brown Ferrari we told you about a few days ago brought an incredible $2.3 million when it went across the block at the Christie's Auction last night. While this was one very special Lusso, the final bid doubled the auction estimate. This 1963 Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso was one of ...

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    Pebble Beach Week 2007: Christies Auction starring Steve McQueen's brown Ferrari

    This year's Christies Monterey Auction has a very special Ferrari Lusso as its star car. Finished in a rather un-Ferrari-like brown, it was the personal car of actor/racer Steve McQueen from new. Actually, the official name for the color is Marrone Metallizzato, and although a bit unexpected, it ...

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    2008 Bullitt Mustang specs leaked

    For all our joking about the seemingly endless parade of special edition, aftermarket, or niche-built Ford Mustangs, there is one that we're all waiting for: the Bullitt. We daydream about donning a turtleneck, popping in the jazzy Lalo Schifrin score and cruising around, looking for bad guys in ...

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    Ex-Steve McQueen Ferrari to be auctioned in Monterey

    In addition to being one of Hollywood's coolest actors, Steve McQueen was also a racer and car collector. This stuntman-turned-actor liked to play hard, and his personal vehicle collection showed that. He actually owned one of the Bullitt Mustangs, plus the Porsche 917 and 911S from Le Mans. And ...

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    Bullitt Mustang engine details emerge

    You may remember last summer when we brought you news from Stangs Unleashed about 2008.5 Mustang Bullitt rumors. Well Stangs Unleashed says Ford has a date set for the Bullitt's unveiling (though won't tell us when). The site also divulges more detailed information about the car as well as a spy ...

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    VIDEO: Steve McQueen and the Ford Puma

    One of the best TV commercials ever made by an American automaker was Ford's "Cornfield" spot that introduced the then-new 2005 Mustang. You know it well -- Field of Dreams references, Steve McQueen emerging from the corn, the retro 'Stang -- it was brilliant. I wish I had it on DVD. It's just ...


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