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    Report: Top Gear Australia cancelled

    Apparently, even with a proven script, replicating the success of the most beloved automotive show on television isn't as easy as it sounds. According to The Sydney Morning Herald, the Australian version of Top Gear has been canceled. After the initial report, host Steve Pizzati sent out a ...

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    VIDEO: Top Gear Australia electric car build-off, Aussie rules style

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    While they might lack the comedic punch of their seasoned British co-frères, the presenters at Top Gear Australia don't seem to have any electric car "issues". Indeed, in a recent episode they even held their own battery-powered build-off. ...

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    Top Gear Australia 2: Back with a vengeance(?)

    Top Gear's planned takeover of the world hasn't been going as well as scripted, and it's not because the Poles or the French actually put up a fight this time. The American series got axed before it even began, and the Australian version has turned out to be a big disappointment. But the producers ...

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    Top Gear Australia in trouble for damaging cars

    Australia gave us the word "hoon," and the Aussie version of Top Gear apparently features three of them in presenters Charlie Cox, Warren Brown, and Steve Pizzati. The trio's habit of hooning for local audiences has seen them rack up a repair bill close to $AUS 200,000 for the cars they've damaged ...

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    First Australian Top Gear episode to air Sept 29

    Mark your calendars, gearheads. The Special Broadcasting Service in Australia has confirmed that the first episode of Aussie Top Gear will air on Monday, September 29. The show will apparently have a regular slot at 7:30 in the SBS Monday night line-up, featuring all manner of Holdens, Ford Falcons ...

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    Aussies announce Australian Top Gear hosts, where's ours?

    The success of Top Gear in the UK and elsewhere in the world is owed largely to the chemistry shared between its three famous hosts: Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond. That's why it's so important for the Austrialian version of Top Gear, the first to be launched outside the U.K., to ...


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