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stelvio pass

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    Video: C/D flogs Ferrari 458 Italia Spider on Stelvio Pass

    Seems that Jethro Bovington, who we recently spent time with while he reviewed the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta for EVO, wasn't finished with prancing horses after he turned in those keys. Putting on his Car and Driver hat, he took a 458 Spider for a spin up and down Italy's 180-year-old Stelvio ...

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    Video: Mechanical Synfonica puts beautiful women in fast cars on Italy's Stelvio Pass

    One of the first tricks marketing minds use when advertising cars is to surround them with beautiful women. It's an age-old ploy, and it's not likely to stop any time soon... because it works, apparently. Classical music performed by a symphony orchestra, on the other hand, isn't the typical ...


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