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    Frank Stella's BMW M1 art car finds a new home in the Hamptons

    Art cars are growing in popularity, with a number of automakers and their subsidiaries getting on board the trend. But BMW is where it all started. The German automaker has been at it since 1975. A good blogger's dozen of them have been commissioned for BMW over the years, and every one of them ...

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    Report: BMW M1 art car by Frank Stella headed for the auction block

    In a perfect world, maybe the world's top museums would have infinite space and infinite resources to acquire and display every significant piece of artistic creation they could get their hands on. But, as we are all at times painfully aware, this is an imperfect world. Which is why the ...

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    Japan: Subaru hits STI partsbin for Stella Custom RS S-Edition

    Click image for photo galleryWe love it when the Japanese auto manufacturers take the box of Alpha-Bits, empty it onto the floor, and then make a car name out of the resulting clutter. Subaru is the current world champion in this regard, having produced the tongue-twistingly wonderfully named WRX ...

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    BMW Art Cars begin international tour

    1976 BMW 3.0 CSL by Frank StellaA group of BMW Art Cars is headed to Gallery Petronas in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia this month for the start of a museum tour that will keep the cars on the road until 2010. The Malaysian display runs from from September 14 to October 22 and includes cars by Frank ...

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    Stellar Sales for Subaru Stella

    Last week, when we brought you news about the release of the Subaru Stella in Japan, we told you that the company had a sales goal of 5,000 units per month. This morning, Subaru issued a release stating that the Stella surpassed that goal in its first week on the market, with 5,438 orders as of ...


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