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    Motorsports: Mercedes surprised Hamilton with this steering wheel message

    Lewis Hamilton had much to celebrate at the end of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix this past weekend. Not only did he win the race in commanding form (the 33rd in his career to make him the fifth most successful in Formula One history), but he also scored enough points (double on the season finale this ...

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    Video: Smack Attack turns your steering wheel into a drum kit

    We'll admit it: we're plenty guilty of using our steering wheel as an impromptu drum kit for awesome traffic solo performances. And by "awesome traffic solo performances," we really mean, "fits of off-beat epileptic flailing." But that's neither here nor there. One company is out to turn ...

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    Video: Ryan Hunter-Reay explains his IndyCar's $25,000 steering wheel

    Ever wondered why there are so many buttons on F1 and IndyCar steering wheels? Road & Track decided to get the answers from a man who uses one every day: IndyCar points leader Ryan Hunter-Reay. The basic controls include a push-to-talk button that allows the driver to communicate with ...

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    Video: Formula racer removes steering wheel at full speed for quick fix

    Successful racers make smart split-second decisions about what line to take, when to accelerate and brake and so on. So when recently faced with an electrical problem in his Formula Renault 2.0 car's steering wheel, Jeroen Slaghekke was faced with pitting and losing position or taking a ...

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    Report: German researchers investigating touchscreen steering wheel

    A group of German researchers are working to develop a new touchscreen steering wheel. The wheel itself is a sheet of acrylic rimmed with infrared LEDs. A single infrared camera picks up reflections on the acrylic when touched, allowing a range of gestures to operate everything from the stereo to ...

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    Study: Steering wheels are nine times dirtier than public toilet seats

    Have you ever driven a vehicle that had a sticky steering wheel? It's probably one of the most disgusting feelings there is, and a report in IBN Live shows that the adhesive can be more than just grape jelly. Researchers at Queen Mary University in London claim that there are, on average, 700 ...

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    Video: Felipe Massa's new "simplified" steering wheel explained... in nine minutes

    Felipe Massa's steering wheel – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Despite what you might assume after traveling on America's highways and byways, operating a vehicle isn't terribly complicated. At most, there are three pedals, a steering wheel and a gear shift lever. Everything else ...

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    Steering wheel for the... iPhone?

    CTA Digital iPod steering wheel -- Click above to view the video after the jump
    If you've been trying to raise your high score on that iPhone or iPod Touch racing game but you just can't get your chi going without a steering wheel, this baby could be for you. Made by CTA Digital, you clip the ...

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    Porsche wireless racing wheel from Fanatec

    If you love racing games, have a PS3 or PC, and have no problem parting with a hefty $349, Fanatec's wireless steering wheel is right up your alley. Sure you can get a gaming steering wheel for a lot less money, but it won't come fully equipped with a 6+1 shifter, three working pedals, and an ...

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    Smart, but flawed: Steering wheel navigation screen

    The latest gizmo from Japan's Takata will tell you where to go, but not like those verbally abusive digital keychains from the '90s. The Takata CSW steering wheel is designed to interface with sensors in your vehicle and display different messages on an LCD screen in the 12 o'clock position. There ...


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