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    U.S. team looks to shatter steam-powered land speed record

    In the summer of 2009, a British team journeyed to the U.S. with its steam-powered streamliner in an effort to break the land speed record for a steam vehicle, which had previously been set at 127 miles per hour back in 1906 by Fred Marriot in a Stanley Steamer. Long story short, the team crushed ...

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    Jay Leno's best speeding story is better than yours

    Just like any self-respecting car guy, Jay Leno has had his fair share of run-ins with local law enforcement. And, much like the rest of us, some of those run-ins result in great story material for those Monday morning watercooler conversations. But as you'd expect, Leno's are more ...

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    VIDEO: Record-setting British Steam Car in action

    British Steam Car - Click above to watch the video after the break
    So, you've been following the progress of the British Steam Car Challenge for the last few years – well, at least we've been following the team's progress that long – and it's all finally led up to a new world record. ...

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    British Steam Car Challenge finally sets world speed record at 140 mph

    British Steam Car Challenge world speed record – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Finally, after much ado and a number of stalled attempts, the British Steam Car Challenge team has finally set the world record it had sought for so long. With an official two-way average of 139.843 ...

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    First test of steam-powered land speed record car successful

    Click above to watch a video of an early steam car run
    Believe it or not, steam-powered cars were actually some of the fastest machines on four wheels in the early 1900s. To wit, a Stanley Steamer managed to hit a boiler-induced terminal velocity of 127.659 mph way back in 1906. The record still ...

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    Letting off some steam: vapor-powered car goes for land speed record

    A British team is out to demolish the land speed records for a steam powered vehicle in both the kilometer and the mile. The records are 121.6 mp for the kilo, set in 1906, and an unofficial 145.6 mph for the mile, set in 1985. As if using tap water to go stupid fast wasn't cool enough, they're ...


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