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Darth Vader TomTom voice recording session – Click above to view the video after the jump


Star Wars Charity Car Wash – Click above to watch the videos after the break


If you figured that Tattooine's Tosche Station -- where whiny young Luke Skywalker goes to score fresh power converters -- was some crappy little remote outpost, you're wrong. This is made clear in the Tyler Soper-directed Incident at Toshi Station we've embedded after the jump. In actuality, Tosche Station is just another big-box store with parking problems -- likely the result of shady backroom dealing by evil, credit-hungry Imperial real estate developers. It tells the story of one AT-AT driv


Steve Sansweet, break out your checkbook. The possible piece de resistance for your massive Star Wars memorabilia collection just became available, and unlike the mountains of toys and other swag that comprise most of it, this one can be driven home (well, not really, since it's in the UK, but you get my drift).

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