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    Official: Brabus takes on Range Rover Sport with Startech widebody kit

    Of all the tuners this side of AMG, none are as close to Mercedes-Benz as Brabus. After all, when Daimler needed a tuner to spruce up the Smart car, it was Brabus that it turned to. But Brabus tunes vehicles other than Mercedes – it just uses, let's call it, a pen name. It brands them ...

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    Report: StarTech tuning for Jaguar and Land Rover now available Stateside

    StarTech Jaguar XJ – Click above for high-res image gallery
    StarTech, a division of the mad tuning company Brabus, offers upgrades for high-end vehicles from the likes of Jaguar and Land Rover. Formerly only available if you didn't live in the US of A, the company has now opened up shop ...

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    Startech sets sail with the Land Rover Defender Yachting Edition

    Land Rover Defender 90 Yachting Edition by Startech – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Think of yachts and you'll likely conjure up images of opulence and luxury. The Land Rover Defender 90, less so. Don't get us wrong here: the Defender is one of the most capable and desirable ...

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    Startech gives sneak preview of new Jaguar XJ treatment

    Startech Jaguar XJ – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The formidable three-dimensionality of the Jaguar XF simply doesn't come across in photos, and it's the much same with the 2011 XJ, an even more august and fulsome sedan. Startech addresses that matter, in photos and probably even ...

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    Frankfurt 2007: Yes, it's even uglier in person - Startech Starster

    Click the image above for more high-res pics (if you dare).Just to see this thing in person is enough to cause a simultaneous spit-take and bowel evacuation – it's just that horrendous. The T2 headlamps, cross-hair grille and flat-panel rear end are all novel approaches to questions we'd ...

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    Frankfurt Preview: 335 HP Dodge Avenger-based STARTECH Starster

    Click image for hi-res galleryThe STARTECH Starster is a Dodge Avenger-based concept prepared by BRABUS' Chrysler-tuning division for the Frankfurt Motor Show. In some respects, STARTECH's herculean effort succeeds. In others, not so much. We like the shaved door handles, as the convergence of ...

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    STARTECH announces new Jeep Wrangler accessories

    Click for photo galleryStartech, the division of Brabus that tunes and accessorizes Chrysler Group vehicles, has now turned its attention to the Jeep Wrangler. European Jeep drivers can now upgrade the Jeep's appearance with set of the firm's good-looking Monostar alloy five-spoke wheels. Tubular ...

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    Startech tunes, accessorizes the Dodge Caliber

    Brabus' tuning arm for American-branded vehicles, Startech, has started paying attention to Dodge's entrant in the European marketplace: the Caliber. The Euro Caliber, as you already know, can be had with Chrysler's VW-supplied 2.0L CRD. Startech's new control module, when installed, bumps peak ...


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