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    Honda touts heat-harnessing hybrid technology

    Hybrid vehicles have always offered more benefits to the zip-around-town Domino's pizza delivery boy than the long-distance highway commuter. In fact, without regernative braking at work, a hybrid vehicle at highway speeds exhibits very few efficiency advantages over a frugal MINI ...

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    VW gets behind Stanley Jr., donates $5.75 million to Stanford

    Stanford won the first ever DARPA Challenge -- a test of skill and endurance for autonomous vehicles -- in 2005 with a VW Passat wagon called Stanley. This year it came in second with a VW Passat Wagon called Stanley, Jr. Though the university didn't win the Challenge this year, it did win with VW, ...

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    Head of Stanford DARPA Challenge project speaks about the future of autonomous vehicles

    We had the pleasure of catching Dr. Sebastian Thrun's keynote presentation at the 2006 Sensors Expo on Tuesday, where he spoke to the audience about his experience leading Stanford's DARPA Challenge entry to victory last year and how the project's success may affect the way we drive in the ...

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    The Great Robot Race adds dimension to DARPA Challenge

    We all know the basic facts about the DARPA Grand Challenge that pitted over 20 autonomous vehicles against each other and the elements out in the Mojave Desert last October. After watching the NOVA special The Great Robot Race on PBS last night the entire enterprise has taken on a whole new ...

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    PBS goes NOVA on VW's autonomous Touareg

    Since ESPN passed on airing the DARPA Grand Challenge in its entirety last October, we’re grateful that PBS is picking up the slack. The esoterically excellent NOVA program will air “The Great Robot Race” tonight on PBS at 8PM EST, in which the winning VW Touareg ...


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