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    New roof-crush standards reported to cost automakers $1.4 billion annually

    It's been almost 35 years since the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) enacted its roof strength standards, but come late 2012 the new requirements will be in affect and in addition to saving around 135 lives each year and preventing over 1,000 injuries, it's going to cost ...

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    BLUETEC diesels to be in all Mercedes SUVs by 2008

    Mercedes-Benz announced today that 2008 models of the M-, R- and GL-Class will be offered with BLUETEC diesel engines that meet the Environmental Protection Agency's tough BIN5 emissions standards in all 50 states. Astute Autoblog readers will remember that not long ago the 2007 Mercedes-Benz E320 ...

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    BLUETEC diesel fails to meet 50-state emissions requirement

    Despite telling us back in January that its Mercedes-Benz E320 BLUETEC would be compliant with emissions standards in all 50 states, DaimlerChrysler has announced that it has not reached that goal and the vehicle will only be sold in 45 states when it goes on sale this fall. The five states in ...

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    GM announces revised Duramax 6.6L and new light-duty diesel

    General Motors made two big announcements today about the state of its current diesel engine offerings. The company was forced to make a move in the face of upcoming stricter emissions standards that require a 90-percent reduction in particulate matter compared with the current standard, which was ...


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