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stage 3

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    Official: Roush sets the Stage with tuned 2013 Mustangs

    If you fancy a new Ford Mustang but are looking for some added muscle, few places will give you what you want and what you need like Roush. The veteran tuning house has just released its latest range of customized pony cars, and at the top of the line sits its most powerful model yet. In ...

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    Review: 2012 Roush RS3

    Making A Case Against Increasingly Excellent Factory Options The last time we drove a Roush Mustang – a 2010 427R – we declared that the company had set the bar for Mustang tuners around the country. But that was nearly two years ago. Since then, the pony car landscape has evolved ...

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    VIDEO: WebridesTV pits the BMW M3 against the Dinan 335i

    Click above to view the shoot-out between the BMW M3 and the Dinan 335i.This is a head-to-head battle we've been waiting to see: BMW's new M3 versus a Dinan-tuned 335i coupe. But we're only going to talk numbers and let the video tell the tale.The BMW 335i has proven itself as a credible player in ...

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    Screw You, Top Gear! - Kenne Bell pumps up the GT500

    click the image above for the galleryHere's Top Gear's cure for their idiot dyno test that proved nothing. As much as we love Top Gear, their derision of the GT500 for producing a "mere" 447 horespower on a chassis dyno is pure BS. A 10-percent loss through the drivetrain is stellar, yet the spin ...

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    In the Autoblog Garage: ROUSH 427R

    Needless to say, ROUSH Performance Products didn't need to ask twice when it offered to put its recently-introduced 427R in the Autoblog Garage for a week. We immediately caught the next ride to Livonia, MI to grab the keys, and did our best impression of respectable journalists. The facade of ...

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    ROUSH Stage 3 F-150 follows hot on hooves of Stage 3 Mustang

    Click pic for higher rez versionWe’ve been without an SVT Lightning for years now and may be without one for a few more, so news of the ROUSH Stage 3 F-150 has found a happy home in our ears. Like the Stage 3 Mustang mentioned below, the F-150 gets a ROUSHcharger system that increases power ...

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    ROUSH unleashes Stage 3 Mustang

    Click pic for higher rez versionMustangs were all the rage at the New York Auto Show this year and the frenzy of Ford stallions continues with Roush’s announcement of its Stage 3 Mustang. Called “the best Mustang we have ever built,” by Jack Roush himself, the Stage 3 Stang ...


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