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4Icon Quartermaster is a custom Ural Solo that's ready for adventure [w/video]

If you've been following our friendly neighborhood blog for the last few years, you already know how fond we are of the Ural brand of motorcycles and sidecars. Sharing a life-and-limb endangering moment aboard one and having it deliver you home safely tends to bond man and machine in a way otherwise impossible...

2812013 Ford Focus ST

Screaming Yellow Zonker

402013 Ford Fiesta ST delivers a pint-sized punch

We Americans may only be a few calendar flips away from the launch of the 250-horsepower Ford Focus ST, but in Europe, an even more pint-sized hot hatch is about to be unleashed. Here at the Geneva Motor Show, the Blue Oval's European counterparts have just unveiled the 2013 Fiesta ST, a three-door version of the five-door ST concept that we saw at the 2011 Los Angeles Auto Show last November. And while Ford executives have said that they're "open to the idea" of bringing this model to the State

107Ford Fiesta ST Concept is tiny-tough hotness

Meet the Fiesta ST concept – it's all the goodness of the newly introduced Focus ST, just in a smaller package. It looks just about ready to hit the streets, and that's a good thing, since

29Report: Ford Fiesta ST gets the nod... but will we?

The fine folk at Auto Express are reporting that the powerful Ford Fiesta ST has gotten the official go ahead from the suits in Europe. If all of the whispers making their way around the internet right now are true, our cousins across the pond will be getting a crack at a 180-horsepower version of the Blue Oval's tiny hatch very soon.

32Latest Ford Focus ST arrives in the UK

Click above for a high-res gallery of the new Ford Focus ST

10Rendered Speculation: Ford Fiesta/Verve ST

Ford's fully redesigned Fiesta won't be making its official unveiling until the Geneva Motor Show in March, but it's already working on the hotted-up ST variant and AutoExpress has some exclusive information and a rendering of Ford's performance-bred super-mini.

7Turbo Boost! Ford of Europe planning K.I.T.T.-inspired Focus ST Black Edition

Click the image above for more high-res shots.

29Europe: Ford Focus RS lives after all

Although Ford has continued to deny the existence of the next Focus RS, Car magazine's spy photographers were able to capture a mule undergoing testing. The current-gen. body panels will be ditched in favor of the new "kinetic" design language that's blessed the new Mondeo, but we're less concerned with styling than we are with the mechanicals.

1Formula Onovich: Russian Grand Prix gears up again

The venture had gotten what looked to be a decent rolling start several years ago with several promising leads. Bernie Ecclestone visited Russia a couple times with an eye towards getting a Russian Grand Prix off the ground in either Moscow or St. Petersburg. Russian businessman Alex Shnaider had brought Formula One to the capital when his Midland F1 team unveiled its car outside the Kremlin in 2005, and fellow businessman Alexander Berezhnoy had put forward a plan in 2001 to build a new circuit

24New Focus RS: It's coming back, in all its FF fury

Here in the U.S., we haven't benefited from the hot hatch hysteria that has swept through Europe over the past several years. Our choices have been limited and even more so when it comes to domestic manufacturers. With the exception of the SVT Focus, Ford has never graced our shores with one of their hotted-up hatches, but still we yearn for some tire-smoking, turbocharged three-door action.

21Spy Shots: Ford Focus RS

The Mecca for fans of all the world's cars procured some pics of the new Focus RS wearing Focus ST clothing. So how did Mr. Lehmann and his photogs identify it as the delectable RS variant? Noise and power.

2710-unit Focus ST White Edition for Japan

Specialized, market-specific limited edition color and trim packages are popular in Japan, and Ford has just announced a very exclusive new addition to that segment: the Focus ST White.

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