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AddFord Studying Space Robots To Improve Connected Car Communications

‚ÄčThe idea of vehicle-to-vehicle communication, commonly known as V2V, isn't a new concept. Ford has already demonstrated how V2V can be a powerful tool in collision avoidance, but the automaker seeks to advance the technology further through an interstellar collaboration.

2Ford looks to space robots to improve car-to-car communications [w/video]

Ford has partnered with St. Petersburg Polytechnic University for three years to research various kinds of connected vehicle communications. The university tie-up is part of its study of space robots, NASA systems created to enable space-to-Earth communication, and the university's own development of systems that enable communication between the International Space State and Earth.

1St. Petersburg to test 'plug-in' hybrid cars in green partnership

Click the plug-in hybrid Escape for a high res gallery

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