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A tale of bobsleighs, boffins, and several pints of British bitters.

Mark Higgins may be a daredevil, but this was nearly too much even for him.

The Jensen Interceptor FF and the Ferrari FF share two letters, but the commonality extends far beyond a nameplate. Both cars are exotic GTs, both have rather unusual roof profiles and 2+2 seating, both are pioneers in all-wheel drive... and both would be fantastic for a trip through the Swiss alps.

We blame "The Dukes of Hazzard". The formative years of our youth were spent soaking up images of a 1969 Dodge Charger blasting through fences, careening through fields and generally powering over terrain no street vehicle was ever meant to endure. Since then, we've had a soft spot for high-horsepower cars frolicking in places they have no business frolicking. That's exactly why find footage of the Ferrari California going all out in the snow so compelling. Whereas there are plenty of Ferrari ow

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