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    Mahindra reportedly inks deal to buy Ssangyong for $463M

    Indian automaker Mahindra & Mahindra has officially sunk its teeth into South Korean automaker Ssangyong to the tune of $463.6 million. For that low, low price Mahindra has effectively walked away with a 70 percent controlling stake in Ssangyong through the purchase of newly released shares in ...

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    Ssangyong Korando abandons its Jeep pretentions in hopes of crossing over

    Ssangyong Korando gets crossed up – Click above for high-res image gallery
    For the first three generations of its life the Ssangyong Korando was a Jeep-like creature with an extended proboscis, and it had Jeep-like intentions. But the company itself has taken a trip through the fires of ...

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    Report: Mahindra joining forces with Ssangyong

    India's Mahindra & Mahindra may be joining forces with South Korea's Ssangyong to share technology, costs and to create one of the biggest producers of SUVs in the world. Ssangyong hasn't exactly had the best track record when it comes to foreign ownership. While China's SAIC Motor Group was ...

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    REPORT: Chinese automaker SAIC accused of hybrid tech theft by SsangYong

    In the beginning of the decade, before SsangYong got into really deep doo-doo, the Korean automaker began work on a hybrid control unit (HCU) with German engineering firm FEV. From 2004 to 2008, as the research continued, the South Korean government provided nearly half of the financial resources ...

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    REPORT: Police storm occupied SsangYong factory after dropping tear gas from helicopters

    Most American pistonheads' exposure to SsangYong is limited to Jeremy Clarkson beating one to death with a sledgehammer (or similar). However, not only did South Korea's fifth largest automaker once build Jeeps for the U.S. Army, in the 1970s they changed their name to Dong-A Motor. Obviously, ...

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    Korean police to storm Ssangyong factory occupied by fired workers?

    Earlier this year, when Ssangyong was allowed to continue as a going concern, the company had to let go of around 900 workers. Those workers (above) then effectively said "all your factory are belong to us," and staged a sit-in at the South Korean production facility that subsequently turned ...

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    REPORT: Pipe and firebomb-wielding strikers injure 70 at Ssangyong plant; 4,000 flee

    After slipping into receivership this past January, Ssangyong Motor Company's problems have only escalated. A court-ordered restructuring of the Korean automaker earlier this year left 976 employees without work. The displaced workers organized an armed sit-in on the Korean automaker on May 21 that ...

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    Ssangyong given go-ahead to restructure, avoids liquidation

    A South Korean court just approved a plan to keep SsangYong Motor (SYMC) out of liquidation. In granting its approval the court agreed with a recent report that showed SsangYong is worth more alive than dead. After entering their version of Chapter 11 back in February, the company was faced with ...

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    Ssangyong preparing to lay off nearly 40% of workforce by end of June?

    Ssangyong Motor Company is still struggling to gain traction after it ceased production late last year and slipped into receivership earlier this year. It restarted its production lines in February, but even the company director, Lee Yu-Il, says volume is still far too slow. To deal with matters, ...

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    SsangYong brings diesel-hybrid Eco C200 CUV to Seoul

    Ssangyong C200 - Click on image above for high-res gallery
    The Seoul Motor Show was the first place new versions of SsangYong's C200 compact urban vehicle (CUV) saw the light of day. The C200 Eco (above) puts up a green flag with a diesel hybrid powertrain that should reduce CO2 emissions by 50%. ...

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    Seoul Preview: SsangYong to show C200 Eco crossover concept in Korea

    SsangYong first unveiled its C200 concept crossover at the Paris Motor Show last autumn, and it will release a toned-down version that's nearly production-ready at next month's Seoul Motor Show. The financially battered Korean automaker says its less aggressively-styled C200 is similar in size to ...

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    REPORT: Ssangyong restarts production

    Korean automaker Ssangyong has reportedly restarted five of its production lines at its plants in Pyeongtaek and Changwon. Earlier this month, Ssangyong was forced to enter receivership as a last ditch effort to stave off bankruptcy after failing to negotiate a deal with Shanghai Automotive ...

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    Not Quite Dead Yet: Russian firm vying for Ssangyong SUV assembly rights

    What's next for Ssangyong? The automaker, which is the fifth largest in Korea, was forced to enter into receivership last week after failing to secure adequate funding past what was required to pay its workers for time already put in. SAIC, the company's Chinese owners, have given up management ...

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    Ssangyong enters receivership

    Could it be too late for Ssangyong? Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp. (SAIC) appears to have given up on Ssangyong Motor Co., allowing the company to slip into receivership. SAIC holds a 51% stake in Ssangyong, but gave up management rights in a bid to avoid liquidation and allow Ssangyong some ...

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    Ssangyong gets bailout from SAIC

    It may not be the entire 320 billion won that its largest creditor was looking for, but Shanghai Automotive Industries Corp's recent announcement that it would prop Ssangyong up with an investment of 25.9 billion won ($19.89 million) should do the trick. SAIC says the money is to facilitate the ...

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    Ssangyong faces liquidation if SAIC doesn't prop up ailing automaker

    Things are looking dire at Korea's Ssangyong Motors, which, as you might recall, was unable to make payroll last week due to a total lack of cash on hand. The sordid tale continues this week as Ssangyong's largest creditor, Korea Development Bank (KDB), suggests that it will simply liquidate the ...

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    Ssangyong says it's out of money, can't pay workers

    Ssangyong, which recently attended the Paris Motor Show and showed off the C200 4-wheel-drive, is officially out of money. The company is more than $77 million (US) in debt, and no longer has the funds to pay its employees' salaries. Ssangyong is owned by Shanghai Automotive Industries China, ...

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    Paris Preview: Ssangyong in the house with C200

    If you want an SUV that looks like what a really cool Saab 9-4 might potentially look like, but you want it to have a Mercedes model name and be from Korea, then you're looking for the Ssangyong C200. Known outside the U.S. for its 4-wheel drives like the Ssangyong Musso, which means "double dragon ...

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    Rendered Speculation: Roewe SUV

    Roewe, SAIC's renamed Rover, has an SUV in the works. Details are scant, though it's reportedly based on a Ssangyong model. We think the Ssangyong Kyron is hiding under the Roewe's handsome sheetmetal. The Kyron carries its Mercedes-esque styling atop a ladder frame and off-road capable 4WD ...

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    Frankfurt 2007: WORLD PREMIUM ZENITH! SsangYong Wz Concept

    Click image for photo galleryWe'll just begin by directly quoting SsangYong's press release. "In particular, Wz stands for "World Class, World Standard, World Premium Zenith." And so begins the Chinese-controlled (SAIC has a 51% stake) Korean automaker's journey down a road ultimately leading to a ...


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