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1Jaguar Heritage hosting Swallow-to-Jaguar 90th Anniversary Tour

Long before Jaguar was a five-time Le Mans victor instantly associated with the Leaper icon and cars like the the E-Type, it was Swallow Sidecar, making hexagonal outriders like the one pictured above. When the company got into automobile production it maintained the name Swallow and produced ornately turned-out coupes like the Austin-Swallow, Wolseley-Swallow and the prewar speedster known as the SS-100, the SS standing for Standard-Swallow. It wasn't until after the war that company head Willi

6Monterey 2010: Jaguar's 75th birthday party at Pebble Beach

Jaguar 75th Anniversary at Pebble Beach – Click above for high-res image gallery

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