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Photographers hanging out in Arjeplog. Sweden have seen proof that Porsche is indeed working on a diesel powered Cayenne. When automakers are testing vehicles up in Northern Sweeden they generally fill the fuel tanks at public gas stations in town before heading out to the frozen lakes to do their testing. The Cayenne in question was witnessed being filled from one of the black diesel pumps and the distinctive sound of a compression ignition engine was clearly audible as it pulled away. The dies

Right now the smallest car that Ford plans to sell in the U.S. market is the upcoming Verve. The Verve will also be the replacement for the Fiesta in Europe when it launches this spring. In the European market, Ford offers an even smaller model called the Ka. The current Ka is built on a shortened version of the current-generation Fiesta but the next model shares architecture with the new Fiat 500. We've seen spy shots of new Ka previously with very heavy camo including headlights tacked on outs

A development mule for the new dedicated hybrid that Honda is due to release in 2009 has been spotted in the wild. The body of the test vehicle is built up from a Honda Airwave with the front of a Fit grafted on. The Airwave is a Japanese market wagon, but the prototype features a left hand drive interior in place of the usual JDM right hand drive setup. The new Global Small Hybrid, as it's been dubbed, is expected to have an all-new hybrid power-train to replace the current mild hybrid IMA syst

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