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    Report: New Chrysler Uconnect Access won't need cell phones [w/video]

    Two of the major trends in car connectivity are to use a connected smartphone as the vehicle's infotainment system or for access to mobile service, or include a standalone system with its own wireless access that gains additional features when connected to a smartphone. Chrysler is apparently ...

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    Drive First: Sprint's Android app to curb distracted driving

    With Old Man LaHood making distracted driving a pet cause, both device manufacturers and wireless carriers are trying to devise new ways to reduce distracted driving before the Department of Transportation mandates its own solution. To that end, Sprint has announced a new Android app at the CTIA ...

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    Video: PSA - Ken Jeong and Joel McHale urge you to put a sock on it

    Wear your thumb socks – Click above to watch video after the jump
    In the never-ending battle to get teenage drivers to put down their cell phones while driving, Sprint has assembled an A-Team of comedic force to advocate the use of thumb socks. We're not kidding. The ever-hilarious ...

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    Celebrating 40 years of minimalist fun: Lotus Exige Sprint

    Click the image above for a high-res version.We're going to have to wait until July for something new from Lotus when it drops the Eagle 2+2 at the London Motor Show. But until then, Lotus seems content to keep us satiated with yet another limited edition Exige. The Exige Sprint draws its ...

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    El Camino may return, but it won't be a Chevy!

    Holden just released a new version of its Australian Ute, and it's been rumored that the VE Trucklet will be US-bound. There's no doubt that GM is taking a look at the possibility of reintroducing the El Camino's ethos to American consumers, and fans of past El Caminos (and Sprints and Caballeros) ...


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