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35Chevy monitors drivers' biometrics while experiencing new Corvette Stingray

We tell you about what a car is like to drive every day, remarking on throttle response, steering weight and feedback, squat, dive, brake fade and a dozen or more other factors of performance. What we can't tell you, though, is what the car does to us – how its performance impacts us, physically. That's what makes this video series from Chevrolet so darn cool.

6Classical composition by Orff makes beautiful music on the racetrack

Music, motorsports and well-executed videography are an irresistible cocktail. Just ask The Piano Guys. The group has made a name for itself by composing beautiful classical arrangements and pairing them with well-shot videos, and their latest effort took the group to the Spring Mountain Motorsports track just outside of Las Vegas. With three percussion tracks, six piano tracks, a staggering 43 acoustic cello tracks and 48 vocal tracks, The Piano Guys created a flawless arrangement of Carl Orff'

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