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    Today's Lexus is brought to you by the letter "H" - new hybrid advertising campaign

    Offsetting the GX and LX opulence-filled 'Utes posessed of large mass, Lexus has trotted out an advertising blitz focusing on its Hybrid vehicles. The campaign, which imagines a world without "H," points out that Lexus has had hybrid cars and SUVs on the road since 2004. The new campaign is titled ...

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    Jeep comes up with new tagline: "Have fun out there"

    It's no newsflash that Jeeps are fun, and that's the new angle the brand is taking to move iron at a pace faster than crawling the Rubicon. Jeep's most recent figures show a 15-percent gain in June from last year, so it's not like they're sitting on their thumbs, but Jeep's been listening to ...

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    VIDEOS: MINI Clubman teaser spots hit the web

    Gabe and his MINI minions were able to scrounge up the first two television spots advertising the forthcoming release of the Clubman, which live up to the funky brand image MINI has built for themselves. Much like the online teaser found on the MINI webpage, it doesn't divulge much, but at this ...

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    Update: despite protests, Arnold gets Volvo's advertising

    A while back, Men's-issue advocate Glenn Sacks was leading the call against Volvo shacking up with Arnold Worldwide. The contention centered around how men and fathers are portrayed in some of Arnold's work. At stake was $150 million in advertising dollars from the Swedish brand. The decision has ...

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    Hyundai ads will compare Koreans to BMW and Lexus

    While comparisons to the Accord and Camry may be more apt, Hyundai has their sights set on more upscale targets. The Korean company has been looking upmarket for vehicles to benchmark when developing their cars, and that philosophy will extend to marketing. One of the new spots touts the Sonata's ...

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    Make it stop! The Bobbleheads are dead, but Jeep advertising still sucks

    Jeep's hip-hop Bobblehead spots for the Compass have been taken out back and shot. Like the Compass they were shilling, the Bobblehead spots were only effective at being crappy. Of course, the replacement may not be any better. Surfing in from foreign markets is ad agency BBDO's "City Man." City ...

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    VIDEO: Superbowl Spot Smackdown - Honda jumps in for the 4th quarter

    Honda's adding to the Super Bowl spot cacaphony this year, joining Toyota, GM, and Ford. Almost as important as the football, the commercials are often more entertaining than the game itself, and it's not unheard of for non-sports folks to actually tune in for the commercials. While there are often ...


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