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    Official: Ford unleashes latest Transit SportVan on Britain

    Ford has been in the UK for a full century now, but for fans of its workhorse Transit van, the past four years have been the most exciting. That's because, since 2007, the Blue Oval automaker has released successive special edition SportVans that give the big wagon an added dose of ...

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    Ford celebrates the Transit in UK with special edition SportVan. One, please.

    Ford Transit SportVan – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Push comes to shove, the Brits know modern delivery vans better than we do. (Hard to admit, we know.) What we use high-cube trucks, pickups and vans of varying sizes for, they do it all in panel vans. They drive the wheels off ...

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    Delivery trucks are cool: Ford Transit SportVan

    Click image for photo galleryThe annual Commercial Vehicle Show in Blighty is one of our favorite things, specifically because our inner children never stopped liking big trucks , and the manufacturers actually unveil cool stuff at the show. Exhibit A comes from Ford, which pulled the wraps off the ...

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    BMW to start building sportvans

    Could this portend the impending doom of the SUV as family car? BMW will be adding sportvans to their lineup beginning with the F5 in 2009. The basis for the F5 will be provided by the X5. Following on the heels of the F5 will be a van based on the 3-series called, quite naturally, the F3. ...


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