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    Tame That Bull: Lamborghini Academy opens

    Click above for a high-res gallery of a winter session of the Lamborghini Academy
    Lamborghini has opened its Lamborghini Academy, and the only words we have for it are "crazy steal." For the practically Wal-Mart price of €3,900 (just under $5,000 USD) you get accommodations, two days on the ...

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    Camaro supplier sues GM right back

    The Cadence-and-Camaro saga continues. Cadence, which makes interior parts for the Camaro, declared bankruptcy last August. GM sued the supplier to recover the specialized tooling machines it could need in order to continue Camaro production - or will it need to have the machines made again. GM ...

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    Lamborghini Murcielago LP650-4 gets the roadster treatment

    It was only a couple of days ago that we were telling you about another upgraded Lamborghini Murcielago expected to make its appearance at the Geneva Motor Show. Now we have word of yet another upgraded Murci, the LP-650 Roadster, that doesn't go all-out with the upgrades but will still make the ...

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    Geneva Preview: Mighty Morphin' iChange proves Rinspeed is up to its old tricks

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Rinspeed iChange
    From the gloriously fertile mind of Frank Rinderknecht comes the Rinspeed iChange, a shape-shifting zero-emissions concept car. As its name suggests, the iChange actually morphs its body shape depending on how many people are going to be ...

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    Q-Car: Autoblog drives James Bond's DBS from Quantum of Solace

    Click above for high-res image gallery of the Quantum of Solace DBS
    Your English-manor-garden variety Aston Martin DBS has 510 horsepower and 420 lb-ft of torque. The 6.0-liter V12 that powers it will pull the coupe to 60 in 4.3 seconds. It costs $305,000, and it is a special car. But we drove ...

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    First Bentley Zagato GTZ available at $1.7M

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Bentley Zagato GTZ
    There will be nine examples of the Bentley Zagato GTZ manufactured for discerning plutocrats. As of now, one of them is ready for an owner, and it is for sale on from a broker in Villorba, Italy for €1.3 million, or ...

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    Chevy reportedly working on Corvette GT-1 Championship Edition

    Last weekend, Corvette owners were let in on a limited edition Vette in the pipeline: the Corvette GT-1 Edition. Created to celebrate Corvette's last hurrah in the current GT1 class this year, the car is actually more like a rolling trophy than your typical paint-and-decals collector's edition ...

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    VIDEO: Bugatti Veyron yields world's priciest roostertails

    Click above to watch three videos of the Bugatti Icecapades after the jump
    Adding a supercar to your collection is cool. Getting your supercar out on the streets, in traffic, is even better. Taking your Bugatti Veryon to a snow track and getting it sideways for the cameras... well, that's the bees ...

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    First Drive: Autoblog drives the 50th Anniversary Hurst Viper - first! [w/VIDEO]

    Hurst 50th Anniversary Hurst Viper – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Ron Flint, president of Hurst Performance, is quick to let you know that founder George Hurst's original intent was to make hot rods for gentlemen. It is ironic, then, that for the revived company's 50th anniversary, ...

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    AMG Boss: "The horsepower wars are over."

    Click above for a high-res image gallery of the Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG Black Series
    That's the way it goes with fashion: it's on the runway in Paris in March and in a bucket at Big Lots by September. Mercedes-Benz' in-house tuning arm, AMG, has decided to turn with the popular tide and call time ...

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    Detroit 2009: Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT S is a mouthful

    Click above for high-res image gallery of the Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT S
    Maserati says that its new Quattroporte Sport GT S "sets another milestone in terms of sportiness in the high performance luxury sedan segment," and it also appears to be trying to set a record for one car's syllable ...

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    Detroit 2009: Jaguar XFR makes us purrrrr... really, really fast... [w/VIDEO]

    Click above for high-res live images of the 2010 Jaguar XFR
    The Jaguar XFR is a saber-toothed tiger of feline badness. The supercharged, direct-injection V8 is good for a jungle-canopy-shaking 510 horsepower – 125 hp up on the naturally aspirated V8 – and 0-to-60 bolt that takes but ...

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    Detroit Preview: Bentley GTC Speed is last, but not least

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Bentley GTC Speed
    The Bentley GTC has only been out for two years and a bit, but you might not know that; the car is so popular in some parts that it has become something like Ugg Boots for the monied-up automotive fashionista. Like its other Continental ...

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    Spy Shots: Jaguar XF-R bares more teeth

    The Jaguar XF-R has doffed a little more of its mask, and now we can clearly see the copious amounts of black mesh that will fill in the front air dam's side vents, replacing the aluminum strips there now. Otherwise, and as usual, you'll need to know your Jags in order to tell this R apart from its ...

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    VIDEO: Nissan GT-R vs Blendtec Total Blender... something blends

    Click above to watch video after the jump
    If you haven't seen any of the Will It Blend? videos, just know that it's what Monty Python would be doing if there were still a Monty Python. For those of you in the know, then you had to realize that it was only a matter of time before the Blendtec Total ...

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    VIDEO: Three new 370Z commercials

    Click above to view the three new 370Z commercials
    Three video spots for the new Nissan 370Z show the marque is serious about reclaiming some of the genuine sports car credentials that were crushed underneath the weight of the last version. Apparently done before Nissan changed its tagline to ...

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    Toyota confirms LF-A development still being funded

    Our take: Toyota has a chip on its shoulder and it has something to do with prestige. Like so many other companies, it is taking an unprecedented beating in the current market (well, unprecedented for Toyota, at least). Whereas other companies are scaling back to the nitty-gritty, Toyota refuses to ...

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    Jeremy Clarkson's Car of the Year: the Corvette ZR1

    Feel free to read that headline as many times as necessary, but yes, it's true: Clarkson-san wrote "Out of nowhere, my car of the year," the Corvette ZR1. The man who pooped on the spearhead of electric cars has given an American high horsepower pushrod V8 the gold and glory. And this is after ...

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    Porsche Panamera interior caught in color

    Someone has scanned a photo of what looks to be a production-level Panamera interior. The fact that it's dressed up in brown leather probably will probably be lipstick on a warthog for those who revile it in pre-production form. Of course the number of buttons has been a major item of discussion, ...

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    Chinese automaker to build sedan on Saleen platform?

    On one hand, Steve Saleen has two Challengers due out under his SMS brand. On the other, he's got the slightly tangled mess of CHAMCO, it's Chinese partner Zhongxing Auto, and their joint U.S. venture, ZX Auto North America International. Earlier this year, Steve was meant to be helping CHAMCO ...


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