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    Report: GM SUVs to continue with full frame, Granite still on the table

    The Sport Utility Vehicle is dead. Long live the Sport Utility Vehicle. We all know by now that the SUV, considered the Official Car of the 1990s and early 00s, has mostly fallen out of favor. But that doesn't mean we should expect the large, body-on-frame behemoths – with the exception of ...

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    Sorry, your SUV is now worthless

    Thinking of trading your gas-guzzling SUV in for something smaller, a bit more fuel efficient? You are not alone. The rocketing cost of gasoline, and diesel fuel, is having a ripple effect on the SUV market. With consumers trading in their behemoths by the thousands in exchange for more frugal ...

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    Rendered Ruminations: Porsche Traveller Concept slaps Stuttgart in the face

    There's probably a few clunkers in DaVinci's sketchbook, too. Looking more gnarled than Van Gogh's Potato Eaters hand studies, Ivan Volkov's Porsche Traveller concept picks up design ideas from the Matchbox Fandango, though it doesn't look like the spare wheel on the Traveller incorporates ...

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    Private Dancer: Tina Turner's Mercedes-powered Lambo LM002

    Tina Turner is one of the most successful performing and recording artists of all time. She's won eight Grammies, hit the Billboard Top 10 seven times and sold more concert tickets than any other solo performer in history. Unfortunately she never learned how to drive stick, but having sold over ...

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    Autoblog Podcast #67

    We've finally poked our respective heads out of our interweb caves and unleashed episode 67 of the Autoblog podcast upon the world. We've been pretty nutty lately with our new, improved site design and our groundbreaking car giveaway, so please forgive our delay at getting back to this. Our first ...

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    Hyundai prices Veracruz from $26,305

    The entry price for the Hyundai Veracruz has been set at $26,305* for a GLS, which is no vinyl-seated, three-on-the-tree stripper. For just over 25 grand, you get Hyundai's grunty 3.8 liter V6, standard ESC and ABS, a nifty stereo system, and alloy rims to name but some of the standard bag of ...

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    Detroit Auto Show: Volvo debuts the oh-so-Swedish XC60

    Click the image above for a full sized galllery. var digg_url = ''; Volvo introduced the XC60 concept last night here at the Detroit Auto Show as a way to appeal to the thirtysomething loft-dwelling crowd (drawing on the ...

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    Freelander will debut as LR2 at the British Motor Show

    The little Freelander may have been overpriced and downright ugly by U.S. standards... but at least Land Rover was listening. The second-generation version of Land Rover's littlest ute will instead take the alphanumeric name of LR2 and boast design and utility bennies more suited to the American ...

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    New York Auto Show: high-res shots of 2007 Honda Element SC intro

    We were on hand to watch Honda executive VP Dick Colliver preside over the official debut of the Honda Element SC. Painted approximately the color of root beer, the various exterior and interior tweaks definitely represent an improvement for the box-shaped SUV (more details here). Honda sees ...

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    New York Auto Show: Mazda CX-9 - Zoom with a view

    While there weren’t any fireworks, models or laser light shows involved with Mazda’s unveiling of the seven-passenger CX-9 in New York today, the sport utility’s sheer size guaranteed a big entrance. Set to go on sale in early 2007, the CX-9 has the largest third-row seat in its ...

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    SF Chronicle looks in on the organization standing up for SUVs

    It's no secret that SUVs (and their owners) have been vilified at a rising rate roughly commensurate with the escalation of gas prices. No strangers to this debate, most Autoblog staffers believe that they occupy a valuable niche for owners who use them regularly in a manner consistent with their ...

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    Spyshots! Facelifted 2007 Volkswagen Touareg

    Volkswagen's slow-selling but well-regarded Touareg is getting a nip/tuck for 2007. The German sport utility, caught here cold-weather testing in Northern Scandinavia, has been on the market since 2004, and this is its first redesign. If the mule seen here is any indication, the ...


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