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sport utility vehicles

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    Report: GM SUVs to continue with full frame, Granite still on the table

    The Sport Utility Vehicle is dead. Long live the Sport Utility Vehicle. We all know by now that the SUV, considered the Official Car of the 1990s and early 00s, has mostly fallen out of favor. But that doesn't mean we should expect the large, body-on-frame behemoths – with the exception of ...

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    Sorry, your SUV is now worthless

    Thinking of trading your gas-guzzling SUV in for something smaller, a bit more fuel efficient? You are not alone. The rocketing cost of gasoline, and diesel fuel, is having a ripple effect on the SUV market. With consumers trading in their behemoths by the thousands in exchange for more frugal ...

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    2007 Dodge Durango official pics and deets

    Dodge unveiled its refreshened Durango for 2007 yesterday at the Dallas Auto Show with the announcement that in 2008 the company will be producing the Durango HEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicle). The HEV version of Dodge’s big brute ute will feature the company’s lauded 5.7L HEMI V8 mated to ...


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