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    Bill to limit Canadian cars to 93 mph seems stuck in neutral

    When it comes to cars, they do things a bit differently in Canada. While our neighbor to the north has long been considered more progressive than the U.S., it was the United States that introduced pollution controls, and until recently, Canada never actually had any rules requiring them. The same ...

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    UK tests 'Intelligent Speed Adaptation' tech that automatically regulates vehicle speeds

    Transport for London plans to begin a six-month trial of a new technology that will artificially limit the top speeds of taxis, buses and government fleet vehicles. Called Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA), the system will keep track of speed limits all over London and prevent operators from ...

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    UK government commission calls for mandatory speed limiters

    More government regulation to protect people from themselves...whee! The UK's camera-infested roads haven't been the most blissful place for driving enthusiasts in the last few years, and now there's a push to fit speed limiters to cars. Proposed by the exhaustively-named Commission for Integrated ...

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    They've finally done it. GPS slows speeders.

    It's only a ten-vehicle trial, for now -- but the emphasis is on the "for now." Transport for London, the body responsible for the Underground, bus, and river bus network in London, has put out an RFP for a company that can make an Intelligent Speed Adaptation system. What is that? It's a ...


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