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    Vikings RB Adrian Peterson flagged for going 109 mph

    Minnesota Vikings All-Pro running back Adrian Peterson – or "Purple Jesus" as he's known to Vikings fans – is one of the fastest men in the NFL. Turns out, he's also one of the fastest men on a certain suburban Minnesota freeway, where police clocked him and his (model unknown) BMW ...

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    REPORT: Utah DoT admits higher speed limits has worked out to less speeding

    When the Utah DOT raised the speed limit on two pieces of I-15 from 75 mph to 80 mph, it discovered that driving habits didn't change. When the limit was 75 mph, the Utah DoT found that drivers were going between 81 and 85 mph. And now that the maximum limit is 80 mph, it has found that drivers ...

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    REPORT: NC neighborhood targeting speeders with paintball guns? This should end well.

    The suburban neighborhoods of Durham, NC has a speeding problem. Well, the neighborhood had a speeding problem until citizens in the area decided to take matters into their own hands. Instead of forming a tighter bond with law enforcement, the citizens of Durham decided it was better to take the ...

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    Could Ross Brawn lose his license for speeding?

    Are Formula One legends above the law when it comes to driving on public roads? No and that belief hasn't stopped a handful of drivers from getting into their fair share of trouble. Lewis Hamilton, for example, had his license revoked in France. Michael Schumacher, on the other hand, has gotten ...

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    Top Gear draws fire for 'glorifying' 210 MPH ticket. Only it's a fake. [w/VIDEO]

    Top Gear talks Bugatti speeding ticket – click above to watch video after the jump
    ESPN sports columnist Bill Simmons proposed a 72-hour reportage moratorium for the web – that way, news could be vetted before was broadcast to the entire universe. Had that been in effect, the story of ...

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    Streaming Mad: $206 in urine-soaked coins is not acceptable payment for a speeding ticket in Washington

    Michael Harold Lynch was ticketed for doing 54 mph in a 35 mph area that was also a construction zone. The fine was $206. Lynch decided to let his anger flow by placing $206 in a plastic bag, peeing in the bag and sending it in. Upon receiving Lynch's little care package, the courthouse staff gave ...

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    What happens when you get pinched going over 100 MPH

    You're looking at the evil red orb through the rear-view mirror of your dad's Corvette (or your wife's Honda Pilot ). Making matters worse, you've just been burning up the asphalt for the past few miles. The ominous light is behind you and changing lanes aren't causing it to go away. Not that any ...

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    78-year old's Nissan Pulsar impounded after AU street race with Skyline

    A 78-year-old Australian man with a need for speed had his car impounded after being caught racing at 170 km/h (105 mph) on a winding road east of Melbourne on New Year's Day. It seems John Belfield, the senior citizen under the spotlight, is a member of a local Nissan-Datsun sports car club. The ...

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    Teens copying enemies' license plates to get revenge via speed cameras

    Teens are known for having a lot of time, some seriously outrageous ideas for filling that time, and a slightly obsessive need for revenge. Add a few residential speed cameras into that mix, and what you have is a creative perversion of the entire speed camera system. Teens in Maryland have ...

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    US DOT report confirms speed not major cause of accidents

    Sometimes numbers lie. But we keep them around because they tell the truth more often than not. The NHTSA undertook a two-and-a-half year study that examined 5,471 injury accidents nationwide in order to figure out how accidents were being caused. Government researchers conducted their own evidence ...

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    German police mocked by Muppet-driven Audi

    The British have been known to "take the piss" out of their German counterparts for several decades now, and that goes well back before World War II. Time to score one for the sceptered isle again: somebody in a right-hand-drive vehicle in Germany has been foiling German speed cameras with a ...

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    Concrete chicane keeps drivers on the curvy and narrow in China

    We don't have much information on this, but apparently this theme-park looking concrete chicane is in use on a roadway in China to keep speeds down. The Not So Great Wall of China is about two-feet high and one-hundred serpentine feet long.We can't imagine what people were doing on this road to ...

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    Speed cameras in Arizona nab driver 22 times in 45 days

    While we can normally sympathize with someone who has been on the receiving end of a speeding violation, occasionally a case comes up which tests our ability to forgive and forget. Such is the case with Jennifer Bitton, who was caught 22 times in less than two months by speed cameras on Arizona's ...

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    Police break up Bugatti vs. Ferrari street race in UK

    While we all know that a 16-cylinder Bugatti Veyron would leave a 12-cylinder Ferrari 599 GTB choking in its own emissions, two blokes in the UK apparently wanted to check it out for themselves. After witnesses reported the two supercars jockeying for position at high speeds on public highways, ...

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    Trapster exposes speed traps on your mobile device

    "Your mobile phone alerts you as you approach speed traps." That's the idea behind Trapster, an innovative service that uses technology, not the age-old flashing headlamps approach, to notify other drivers of a police speed trap. Motorists who come across an enforced speed zone are encouraged to ...

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    Pittsburgh police refunding speeding fines given by mistake

    A pair of Pittsburgh Revenue Officers misunderstood the rules surrounding the use of some LIDAR gear loaned to the department for testing and issued a raft of tickets that the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police now has to retract. Apparently LIDAR is only approved for use when teamed with other systems ...

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    NSFW VIDEO: How NOT to get out of a speeding ticket

    Most of us have gotten speeding tickets before, and it's usually not a pleasant experience. It's "Yes sir" and "No, sir" and "Thank you" while the officer is chastising us for whatever minor infraction we've incurred. All the while, you're thinking to yourself, "I was doing 8 mph over the speed ...

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    Wisconsin police use cardboard cut-outs to slow speeders

    Neenah, Wisconsin has such a speeding problem that it can't keep up. Even with a full court press of law enforcement, drivers continue to speed and have even sped by other motorists receiving their obligatory revenue-production invoice. In an effort to keep drivers on their toes while also leaving ...

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    85-year-old man arrested for racing down the highway in his Oldsmobile

    Not so long ago, Ontario, Canada drafted a law to curb racing and excessive speeding on its highways. Things were getting so out of hand that stretches of road were called the Ontariobahn. In a campaign they call "shock and awe," they jacked the maximum fine up to $10,000, and threw in a 7-day ...

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    New hardcore laws in Canada could mean end of "Ontariobahn"

    digg_url = ''; Highway 401 in Ontario, Canada runs from Windsor all the way across to the Quebec border and on to Montreal. Since the 1970s, the speed limit has been 100 km/h (about 62 mph), but actual average speeds along long stretches in the ...


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