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    Report: JJ Lehto sentenced to jail for speedboat crash

    You'd think that a professional driver's skills would be universal. You'd also think that the rules regarding drinking and driving would apply the same to the water as they would to the road. But as it turns out neither is necessarily the case. The point is driven home by the conviction in ...

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    Video: Ohio woman leads police on triple-digit topless car chase

    God willing, you will never party this hard. Police in Bainbridge, Ohio were recently led on a high-speed chase that saw a renegade driver clocked at 110 mph. According to Cleveland's Fox 8 News, after officers deployed spike strips to bring the fleeing sedan to a halt, they were met with a ...

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    Report: Clerk tries to get deputy's son's citation fixed, accidentally faxes request to newspaper

    We're not sure what's more amusing about this story, the obvious and clichéd abuse of power or the retro charm of dialing the wrong fax number. C'mon, who even faxes anymore? We've gotten so used to people getting busted by accidentally e-mailing everyone in their address book or slipping ...

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    Report: Massachusetts Supreme Court upholds policy of charging $70 fee to innocent motorists

    Getting a ticket can ruin even the best of days, but at least American motorists have the ability to fight moving violations in court. Challenging a ticket at least gives drivers a shot at avoiding or reducing fines and/or points charged to their records. In Massachusetts, however, a new state ...

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    Followup: Kyle Busch loses license for 45 days for speeding in Lexus LFA [w/poll]

    We said it once, and we'll say it again: it's a good thing racing drivers aren't required to hold a valid driver's license in order to race. We know it sounds funny, but if they did, some of our best drivers would be out of work. The latest high-profile incident, as you may recall, revolves ...

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    Venezuela issues its first-ever driver's license suspension

    Venezuela might be seen as something of a hooner's paradise. Gas is free 12 cents per gallon, drivers' rights reign supreme, and traffic law enforcement is practically nonexistent. Maybe that's all changing, though. This week, Venezuela's national police chief, Luis Fernandez, held a press ...

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    PSA: If you're contesting a 144-mph speeding ticket, don't brag about your car's speed in a classified ad

    Getting out of a 144-mph speeding ticket is undoubtedly a very tough business. Unless you have some very compelling evidence that the radar gun failed or the authorities were out to get you, your chances are likely rather grim. Getting out of a 144-mph speeding ticket by claiming your car can't ...

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    Video: German Veyron owner's crazy 220-mph Autobahn blast

    Ride along in a Bugatti Veyron as it pushes to 220 mph – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Imagine, for a moment, that you own a Bugatti Veyron. Wouldn't you be curious to find out what it feels like to swing past 200 miles per hour? (Okay, stupid question.) While an abandoned ...

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    Study: Making roads safer has led to bored, risk-taking drivers

    A new study from researchers in Australia may have dug up one of the reasons why drivers exceed the speed limit on their way to work. According to the Toronto Sun, a new study has found that drivers who are bored behind the wheel are more likely to put the right pedal to the floor. Researchers at ...

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    Report: Abu Dhabi using color-coded road surfaces to convey speed limits

    Abu Dhabi has updated the speed limits for certain roads in and around the city and to make sure everyone knows about the new limits, as well as to warn drivers that they've entered one of these changed sections, officials have come up with a unique solution – painting the speed limit on ...

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    Report: Texas man becomes human speed-trap warning sign

    Running into a speed trap is a gut-wrenching feeling. Regardless of whether you are going two or 20 mph over the limit, you always have to glance in your mirror to make sure Johnny Law isn't on your tail. In that spirit, a Lakeway, Texas resident is fed up with the traps in his town and has ...

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    Slow Down app curbs music tempo when you speed [w/video]

    Slow Down app – Click above to watch video after the jump
    For many of us, music and driving go hand-in-hand. A great song can complement a great road and the overall experience of piloting a vehicle can be raised a few notches. Of course, you might even get a little overeager behind the ...

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    Report: UK moves to block Europe-wide speeding fines

    Britain is stepping up to the man. The island nation is moving to stop a proposal that would allow member countries of the European Union to enforce traffic violations across international borders. The legislation aims to help law enforcement pursue unruly drivers for four major offenses: ...

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    Man caught driving 200 km/h on public roads gets $235,000 Ferrari taken away

    Two speed-loving Canadians have had the keys to their hoon machines taken away. A 2008 Ferrari 430 Scuderia and a 2008 BMW M6 were caught speeding up Mount Seymour in British Columbia, hitting speeds of up to 200 km/h (about 126 miles per hour) in a 60 km/h zone, as well as narrowly missing a ...

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    Video: Sternest speeding warning ever?

    A policeman gives speeders a lesson in penal system – Click above to watch video after the jump
    When a police officer stops you for speeding, even if they give you a ticket, they will often try to provide some sort of additional deterrent to keep you from lead-footing it again. This could ...

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    Study: What vehicles get the most speeding tickets? You'll be surprised...

    Quality Planning has just released its findings on which vehicles are more likely to snag their drivers a speeding ticket and who's likely to be behind the wheel when the blue lights come on. Surprisingly enough, the auto insurance analyst's list isn't dominated by hot-blooded young men with ...

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    Catfight! IIHS criticizes NHTSA for losing focus on driver safety

    The insurance industry-funded Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is calling out its governmental counterpart, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for distracting drivers from genuine safety concerns. Consumer Reports cites a release penned by IIHS president Adrian Lund as saying ...

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    Guessing cops allowed to give speeding tickets in Ohio

    Bad news, Buckeyes. The Ohio Supreme Court just ruled that a police officer needs nothing more than his or her informed guess on how fast a vehicle is traveling in order to issue a traffic citation. Yep. You can forget the radar gun, LIDAR or even the archaic pacing method. As of right now, ...

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    Video: St. Louis exotic dealership employee nailed for 150 mph test drives on YouTube

    St. Louis Motorsports high-speed test drive – Click above to watch the video after the jump
    People... people! How many times do we have to tell you not to brag about your illegal activities on the Internet? The latest to run afoul of this bit of common-sense is an employee at St. Louis ...

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    Invisible to Cops: Top 10 Least Ticketed Vehicles

    The same company that studied which cars are most likely to get you a ticket also determining which cars are most impervious to the police. Compared to the norm, the most XX sedan will put you at 60 percent less risk of a ticket, while the most resistant-to-the-law sedan will make you 89 percent ...


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