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speeding ticket

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    Detroit area mayor gets pulled over, demands speeding ticket

    Our reaction would be markedly different after getting busted for 5 mph over. Rather than excoriate the revenue enhancement agent for harassing a man of the people, Warren, MI mayor Jim Fouts was worried that the verbal warning he initially received might be viewed as favoritism by some. Amidst ...

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    Streaming Mad: $206 in urine-soaked coins is not acceptable payment for a speeding ticket in Washington

    Michael Harold Lynch was ticketed for doing 54 mph in a 35 mph area that was also a construction zone. The fine was $206. Lynch decided to let his anger flow by placing $206 in a plastic bag, peeing in the bag and sending it in. Upon receiving Lynch's little care package, the courthouse staff gave ...

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    What happens when you get pinched going over 100 MPH

    You're looking at the evil red orb through the rear-view mirror of your dad's Corvette (or your wife's Honda Pilot ). Making matters worse, you've just been burning up the asphalt for the past few miles. The ominous light is behind you and changing lanes aren't causing it to go away. Not that any ...

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    Auto insurance now available for speeding tickets? Kind of.

    Few things in life ruin a day faster than a speeding ticket. Tickets cost a fortune, and dealing with the local courts to pay the fine can be a pain, too. Terrence Boyd knows how you feel, and he started his own insurance company to ease the pain stemming from just such an experience. For $15.95 ...

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    Teens copying enemies' license plates to get revenge via speed cameras

    Teens are known for having a lot of time, some seriously outrageous ideas for filling that time, and a slightly obsessive need for revenge. Add a few residential speed cameras into that mix, and what you have is a creative perversion of the entire speed camera system. Teens in Maryland have ...

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    Traffic Enfarcement: What's wrong with this picture?

    The script for selling one of these "automated revenue enhancement devices" to a municipality might go something like "and the best feature of the Robthepopulace 3000 is that it never makes a mistake - machines don't lie!" Tell that to Thomas, who received a citation in the mail after a South ...

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    In the San Mateo Garage: 2006 Crown Victoria Police Cruiser [w/DUMMY]

    var digg_url = ''; There are few things more jarring than when you're doing 80 on the freeway and spot a well-concealed police cruiser. You immediately begin to sweat, get your story straight, perform a mental check-list of license and registration, ...

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    Bring on the heat: Njection updates Speedtrap site

    The team at Njection have updated their Speedtrap site with new features and more detailed speed trap information. After introducing the ability to upload speed trap information to Garmin GPS units in March, Njection has now added color-coded maps on its website. Locations of user-reported ...

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    Pittsburgh police refunding speeding fines given by mistake

    A pair of Pittsburgh Revenue Officers misunderstood the rules surrounding the use of some LIDAR gear loaned to the department for testing and issued a raft of tickets that the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police now has to retract. Apparently LIDAR is only approved for use when teamed with other systems ...

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    NSFW VIDEO: How NOT to get out of a speeding ticket

    Most of us have gotten speeding tickets before, and it's usually not a pleasant experience. It's "Yes sir" and "No, sir" and "Thank you" while the officer is chastising us for whatever minor infraction we've incurred. All the while, you're thinking to yourself, "I was doing 8 mph over the speed ...

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    UK's most senior cop in court for speeding

    For years it seems there was an unwritten code among law enforcement officers stating that you didn't give a shield-wearing brother a speeding ticket unless his offense was really bad. Beyond bad, even. That doesn't appear to be the case in the UK, as the chief constable of South Yorkshire has ...

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    He fought the law: Jeremy Clarkson gets out of speeding ticket

    Many of us have tried to evade those pesky speeding fines, more often than not, unsuccessfully. Not so for Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson who managed to have a case against him dropped despite the publicity and string of copy-cat defenses we're sure will ensue. The story goes like this: A V6 Alfa ...

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    How To: Talk your way out of a ticket... respectfully

    An old friend of mine used to have a trick for getting out of tickets. She would flick her long blonde hair back over her shoulder, blink a lot and emphasize the ending of any word that concluded with a long "e" sound. "Sorryyyyyyy," she would say, and the cop's pen would never touch pad. ...

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    Tips on fighting tickets

    Among the writers here at Autoblog, we could probably put together a meaty album full of our most memorable speeding tickets. Something about a bunch of gearheads in high-powered, tire-shredding, plate-glass-shattering muscle cars. Mmmmm. But I digress. Apparently the best way to get out of a ...

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    Dodge advertises journo's speeding ticket

    Remember the Canadian automotive journalist who was caught driving a Dodge Charger at 222 km/h (approximately 138 mph) on a public road in Quebec? Apparently Dodge does and they think alluding to the story might be a nifty way to market the car he was driving at the time, the Charger SRT8. The ...

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    TheCarConnection Speeding Excuses winners announced

    "Do you know how fast you were going?""No officer, but I'm guessing it wasn't what was posted."That didn't work for us and the "I'm not driving, I'm qualifying" t-shirt certainly didn't help either. We've all heard some great excuses for speeding that worked in getting some scofflaw off the hook ...

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    Speed camera catches Hyundai doing the impossible

    A man accused of driving at speeds up to 147 mph is about to get his day in court -- and many are looking at the case to challenge the freeway photo enforcement program in Scottsdale, Ariz. Lawrence Pargo of Goodyear was supposedly running late for work and was caught by speeding cameras on Loop ...

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    TheCarConnection launches "speeding excuses" contest!

    Can't say the guys and gals over at TheCarConnection don't have a collective sense of humor. Whereas a few months back the website was looking for the best street names, now they're working up something we can all use -- the best speeding excuses. For its third annual contest to that effect, TCC is ...


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