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    Man busted by traffic camera gets unique revenge on police department

    It goes without saying, but we're gonna go ahead and say it anyway: Nobody likes getting a speeding ticket. And that's especially true when said ticket isn't issued by a human officer, but from a machine set up to catch unwary motorists off guard. If only there was some way to get back that lost ...

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    National Motorists Association ranks states most hostile to drivers

    For as long as there has been traffic enforcement, drivers from different states have gathered to compare notes on whose police and legal systems are the most oppressive and toughest to deal with. While most such conversations rarely progress beyond the anecdotal, the folks over at the National ...

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    UK police admit almost half of all speed cameras are off

    We all know the drill. You see a speed camera, you slow down, you look at the camera, you check your speedometer and look for the camera again. But in the UK at least, reports now indicate that nearly half of the 1,000 speed cameras installed are entirely inactive.Because many of the cameras ...

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    German police mocked by Muppet-driven Audi

    The British have been known to "take the piss" out of their German counterparts for several decades now, and that goes well back before World War II. Time to score one for the sceptered isle again: somebody in a right-hand-drive vehicle in Germany has been foiling German speed cameras with a ...

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    Big refund for Brits: Busiest speed camera deemed unlawful

    Photo: Nicholas Bowman Most people have pretty weak arguments for speeding. Everything from having a broken speedometer, going with the flow of traffic, or desperately needing to find a bathroom are usually feeble excuses that generally don't hold up. Simon Grills's case is unique. Despite being ...

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    Njection and Garmin partner to identify speed traps

    Njection is a website for guys like us. In addition to their forums and picture resources, they have compiled a database of more than 50,000 speed traps worldwide -- areas with high radar use and speed cameras -- that works with Microsoft Live Maps. Njection is now offering owners of Garmin ...

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    Thousands of Aussies set to lose license, speed cameras to blame

    If you thought speed camera and roadside police radar proliferation in your country was bad, spare a thought for the Aussies. More than 45,000 drivers in the Australian state of Victoria are on the verge of losing their licenses, with blame being centered on the number of speed cameras that dot the ...

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    No more running out of film, English speed cameras go digital

    The Gatso speed camera has been the bane of British drivers for the past couple of decades, but they at least had the hope that when they saw the flash the camera might be out of film. For those of you in the crowd who might not be old enough to drink legally," film" is this silver coated plastic ...

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    Mythbusters fail to foil the speed camera

    var digg_url = ''; Last night's episode of Mythbusters was wonderfully auto related. The show's hosts, Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, take on the myth that a speed camera can be foiled. They attack the myth from various ...

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    Who watches the watchers? Speed cameras in Scotland may be monitored by CCTV cams

    The hatred which speed cameras in Europe have engendered in the drivers they're watching has bubbled up and over to the point where vandalism is a common occurrence. In Scotland, for example, there have been seven camera attacks in three years. The attacks range from cameras simply being damaged so ...

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    Speeding awards temporary celebrity to your license plate

    Apparently, when some motorists see their speed displayed on a radar-assisted light sign, they don't pay much attention (hell, we've seen people speed up to see how high it goes).The solution, it seems, may be in the form of Atkins' new speed sign that not only shows the speed of the vehicle and ...

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    Say Cheese! Speed cameras officially go operational in Scottsdale

    The city of Scottsdale, AZ  officially flicked on its system of speed cameras last Wednesday morning at 12:01 AM, which was immediately followed by a southbound vehicle on the Loop 101 Freeway triggering the first snap. By noon the cameras had flashed their bulbs 167 times. Scottsdale’s ...


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