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    VIDEO: World record Ferrari Challenge Stradale run in SoCal

    Click above for more photos courtesy of SpeedAndMotion.comIf you've ever had the pleasure of hearing a Ferrari Challenge Stradale run, you'll know that there are few sounds like it in all of autodom. When revved towards its 8,500 RPM redline, it takes on a raspy snarl that makes the regular Ferrari ...

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    VIDEO: A dozen Carrera GTs take to the streets

    Click above to visit's gallery of the Carrera GT gatheringYou are one of those lucky souls who happens to own a Porsche Carrera GT. You love it: the way it looks, the way it sounds, the way it drives. So you're sitting in your garage, staring at your CGT, wondering what it would ...

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    Video of first encounter with the R35 Nissan GT-R

    Click above for high-res live gallery of the new GT-R in the wildRight after we posted our first impressions of the new Nissan GT-R last night, we were contacted by our friends at who told us that they had shot some high-def video of the car, too. There is footage of the car ...


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